April Feagley

Job Title: People & Pastimes and Religion Editor, Staff Writer
Covers: Huntingdon County Planning Commission, Juniata College
About: April began working at The Daily News in 2011 after completing a Bachelor of Science degree at Lancaster Bible College. She is a 1992 graduate of Huntingdon Area High School, where she was a participant in the press club.
Phone: (814) 643-4040 ext. 132

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Resolve for a better year

Discipline key in attaining New Year’s resolution success

   Soon it will be time to turn the calendar’s pages over to a new year and, with it, many will strive to turn over a new leaf by making New Year’s resolutions.  Among the perennial top 10 resolutions are renewed commitments to get hea Full Story

TDN begins search for 2014’s First Baby

   Santa Claus has completed his deliveries, so now it is time for the region to await a delivery of a very different sort — the first baby of 2014.  Full Story


The gift of health:

Shirleysburg girl benefits from surgical interventions

   Gracie Covert, 3, of Shirleysburg, much like other children her age, is very excited for Santa’s impending visit and has asked for her very own dune buggy. Full Story


Spending meaningful moments over money

   Growing up, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas was my favorite time of year. Like most children, I looked forward to Santa’s visit, but it was the magic of the season that enchanted me from the start.  Full Story

Animal protection is a cooperative effort locally

   The Animal Legal Defense Fund, based in Coati, Calif., garnered national attention recently as efforts are underway to form a registry of those convicted of animal cruelty.  Full Story

Services help with holiday stress

   During a season in which words like “merry,” “happy” and “jolly” are ever-present parts of everyday conversation, the holidays can be a hard season to endure when dealing with loss.  Full Story


A vision among farmland

Expert hopes to open Big Valley genetic research clinic

   The rolling farmland of Big Valley would seem an unlikely location for a clinic on the cutting edge of genetic research and the treatment of inherited disorders, but an expert in the field has a vision that Belleville will soon be home to the newly f Full Story


Some shoppers staying close to home

   Holiday shoppers may be traveling fewer miles as they search for the perfect gifts to complete their Christmas shopping lists this year according to reports from area businesses.  “I believe the stores are here and we should support them,& Full Story


Cat restrictions in place at humane society

   Cats make excellent companion animals and can give their owners years of affection, but the issue of overpopulation has caused restrictions on the number of cats being accepted currently at the Huntingdon County Humane Society, 11371 Schoolhouse Holl Full Story


Diner uses coffee to help community

   A hot cup of coffee is quite effective at fending off the chill on a cold day, but by adopting the Italian tradition of caffé sospeso or pending coffee, Rick Walker, owner of Top’s Diner, Mill Creek, hopes to warm some hearts as well. Full Story

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