Albemarle fish rodeo winners

Award winners from the annual Albemarle fish rodeo are (from left) Zoey Schrul, Tyler Wright, Shawn Trestle and Noah Green.

Friday evening at approximately 5 p.m. there were some real concerns rumbling around Reservoir Park in Tyrone. At this time the skies clouded up then opened up with down pours of rain falling hard for a good period of time. As the rains came down in buckets the delivery of the storm water runoff soon made it to the pond at Reservoir Park and the surrounding feeding streams. The water at the pond soon turned to a murky brown color due to all the rain. In just 14 hours from these heavy rains the 25th Annual Albemarle Fishing Rodeo was to take place with the beginning of registration at Reservoir Park set for 7 a.m.

As the officials of the fish rodeo arrived to prepare for the registration the sun came peaking through the partly cloudy sky while at the same time the water was beginning to settle and become clear. Things were beginning to look like it may just turn into a very good day and a great morning for fishing at Reservoir Park.

The time of 7 a. m. arrived and the registration table was soon bustling with activity. Before long those that had registered took their selected fishing spots encircling the the pond. It was time for the Annual Albemarle Fish Rodeo fishermen to officially drop their fishing lines in the water. Approximately 300 people were starting what they hoped would be a fun filled morning of fishing and family fun.

Parents helping younger children baiting their hooks and older children looking like veteran fisherman were busy looking to hook one of 25 tagged fish that were donated by a $300 donation once again from Kunzler’s. The first four tagged fishes that were caught and brought to the official registration table would bring that fisherman a $25 cash prize.

According to Robin Latchord, chairperson of the event, “Adding these tagged fish has brought an additional amount of fun for all of the kids,” Latchford said. Out of the 25 tagged fish, at the end of the rodeo there had been 20 that had been caught. There are still five tagged fish remaining in Reservoir Park.

Latchford also wanted to take time to mention all of the community organizations that donated time and supplies as well as prizes to make the day such a tremendous success. “Obviously Kunzler deserves a big thank you for again donating the tagged fish as well as the hot dogs for the day. The Bald Eagle Sportsman Club have been doing a fantastic job year in and year out stocking some really nice fish for the rodeo. We also have had Gardners Candy donation their famous peanut butter meltaways. Mac’s Market and Gridiron donated $150 and all of the hot dog buns for the day. AmeriGas donated all of the water and juice that was given away. Finally, once again, Herrs donated all of the potato chips during the rodeo,” Latchford said. At 11 p.m. the call to the fisherman was made and the winners of the different age groups were announced and asked to come to the swimming pool area of the park for the official awards presentation (see photo).

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