Leo Matuszewski honored with presentation

State Senator Judy Ward presents retiring Antis Township Supervisor Leo Matuszeaski with a State Senate Certificate for Appreciation for all of his leadership and service to the Antis Township community.

Antis Township Supervisor Leo Matuszewski was a member of the Antis Township Board of Supervisors for the final time last evening at the July township business meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting last evening, Matuszewski officially retired as an Antis Township Supervisor. Matuszewski, who turns 79 later this summer, and his wife Mary Ann, will be moving out of the township into a senior living community and therefore can no longer be an Antis Township supervisor.

In a surprise presentation at the beginning of the meeting on Thursday evening, State Senator Judy Ward presented Matuszewski with a Pennsylvania State Senate certificate of appreciation to recognize him for the community service and leadership that he has performed over the years as an Antis Township Supervisor. “On behalf of the Pennsylvania State Senate, I wish to present you with this certificate of appreciation for your community leadership and for your community service. It is not often we have committed leaders as you Leo. We need more people like you,” Ward stated.

Matuszewski was born in Tonawanda, Pennsylvania, and grew up in the Williamsport area. He accepted a job as a machinist and moved to Delaware, eventually making his way back to State College, where he enrolled at Penn State University. Upon graduating from Penn State, Matuszewski then accepted a teaching position at the Vo-Tech School in Altoona, where he taught for the next 30 years. Matuszewski moved to Antis Township a year prior and has lived in the township for the past 31 years.

When asked what perked his interest in politics, Matuszewski stated,”Some of my fellow teachers had gotten involved and got me interested and started. My first time running for office was not too good as I lost by six votes. But I stuck with it and won the next time.”

When asked what he has enjoyed most about his role as an Antis Township Supervisor, Matuszewski stated, “I have really enjoyed working with Lucas Martslof (township manager). So many good things have been brought into the township by his efforts. He is just an excellent township manager. But to pick just one thing is very tough, as there have been so many good things that have happened. Now it is time for me to be able to relax, not have to cut grass anymore or to throw snow around. Now I can sit back, relax, root for Penn State, and travel with my wife.”

Supervisor Robert Smith then said, “It has been my pleasure to have gotten to know and work with Leo. It is a bitter sweet night. It is also tough for me to see you leaving because it has taken me this long to learn how to say your last name correctly.”

When it came time for Matuszewski to present his report he said, “In my last meeting here, I have a feeling of gratitude. I want to thank Lucas Martslof, who is one heck of a township manager.” Matuszewski then went through the township staff thanking them for all there hard work and naming each of them. In closing, he thanked all of the other supervisors for having one common agenda and that was to make AntisTownship better.” He then concluded by stating, “With that, I say good bye.”

At the conclusion the meeting, township manager Martsolf stated, “Leo is such a great guy and so great to have worked with to help make all of the good things happen that have been going on recently in the township. It has been a true privilege getting to know and work with Leo.”

The Daily Herald wishes Leo Matuszewski all of the best in his upcoming retirement years.

Chuck Banas can be reached at cbanas@thedailyherald.net.


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