Weeks discusses variance request

Antis Twp. resident Peter Weeks discusses a variance request for a set back issue on his property with township supervisors.

During the July monthly business meeting of the Antis Township Board of Supervisors, held on Thursday evening at the Antis Township Building, one of the topics of discussion was a request of a variance by an Antis Township property owner.

Peter Weeks, the property owner, had sent a letter along with photographs of his property, which is located in Antis Township to the board of supervisors. As part of the letter, Weeks had requested an opportunity to address the variance issue at the township meeting and was placed on the agenda for the evening to do just that.

Basically, Weeks is requesting the variance in order to tear down an old shed that was on his property and replace that dilapidated shed with a new 8x10 shed. Weeks then took the podium to address the supervisors.

“I currently have a cement pad that has an old shed on it, which I intend to tear done and replace it with a new 8x10 shed. Currently, the shed and pad is 26 and one half feet from the center of the road. The current ordinance requires an approximate set back distance of 42 feet from the center of the road,” Weeks stated.

Robert Smith, board chairman, then said, “Okay Mr. Weeks. Let me summarize here if you would. The normal set back is 25 feet from the center of the road. In your case, you are asking for a variance for a setback of 12 feet from the center of the road.

Weeks responded by saying, “Yes that is correct and there are currently other houses and sheds that are existing in the area that are even closer.”

A discussion then followed that centered in on technical discussions that included corner lots, state roads, and township roads. At the conclusion of these discussion, Smith asked Weeks, “You are then requesting a waiver of 16 feet. Am I correct in that?”

Weeks then replied to Smith by saying, “That is about right.”

Smith then asked for additional information from Weeks by saying, “Is this structure going to be a temporary structure or a permanent structure?”

Weeks thought for a moment and said, “I do not want to be misleading, so for now I would have to say that this would be a permanent location.”

Supervisor C.J. Caracciolo then directed a question to weeks by asking, “ This cement pad that is there, is it in good shape?” Weeks responded by saying, “It is not in pristine shape, but I have brought in seven tons of stone to build it up.” Caracciolo then stated, “I see no issue with the shed being in place. That is just my opinion though.”

Supervisor Dave Worthing then stated, “I have two issues here. The first, is that the staff is not recommending that we approve this variance due to the setback issue. The second issue is if we do approve granting this variance, we will be setting precedence.”

Another discussion then followed. At the conclusion of this discussion, Weeks addressed the supervisors by saying, “ We seek out the township for approval and be open and honest trying to do things the correct way. We are seeking approval and nobody else does. They just proceed.”

Worthing then said, “That, in addition to the staff saying no, it needs to be determined if this would create a line of sight obstruction of the road. That also could be an issue. I also have a problem if we are talking about a permanent structure. That is a problem of setting a precedence.”

Supervisor Smith then attempted a new approach by saying, “There is an issue here of temporary and permanent. Maybe there is room for some compromise.” Smith then directly asked Weeks, “Would you have anything you could offer?”

Weeks thought for a moment and responded by saying, “If I move the shed halfway forward, it will be off the pad and would then be sitting in the mud caused by another problem that has been brought to the township’s attention caused by water. I don’t want to say one thing and then we cannot live up to,” Weeks concluded.

After some additional discussions, Smith then stated, addressing Weeks, “If you are not opposed to it, I would suggest that we table this this issue for now and discuss it at the CIP meeting to be held here, which you and your wife can attend. Weeks was in agreement with this and the motion was made to table this requested variance at this time. The motion passed unanimously.

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