B-A School Board appointee

Bellwood-Antis School Board member Tom Finn was appointed on Tuesday evening to be the school district representative on the park and recreation board to fulfill the bylaws and assist in finalizing the dissolving of the old recreation board.

The members of the Bellwood-Antis Township School Board of Directors met on Tuesday evening at the Meyers Elementary School. A large back to school agenda was presented on the floor for the board’s consideration as they put together the finishing touches on the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

One of the areas that were discussed at the very beginning of the school board meeting came to the floor under the section of building, grounds, and transportation. There were two items that were placed before the board in this section, but one of these items will help in finalizing the situation that has been dragging on in the communities of Bellwood Borough and Antis Township for the past three or four months.

This is concerning the now inactive Bellwood-Antis Parks and Recreation Board. For several months, the Bellwood Borough Council members and the Antis Township Board of Supervisors have been trying to dissolve the parks and recreation board so that a sale of Fifth Street playground property can be executed from the borough ownership, being transferred over to the township.

Currently, this situation has been in limbo even though Bellwood Borough and Antis Township have both been in agreement to proceed in the sale of the property to the township. On numerous occasions, Antis Township has had to answer questions why the Fifth Street playground has not been worked on and the Bellwood Borough Council has been asked why the township is not maintaining the park. Both municipalities have been continuing to tell their residents that Antis Township can not maintain a parcel of land that is currently owned by the borough, they must first have ownership of the property.

The appointment of Tom Finn as the board’s representative to the recreation board will now provide the board with the required representation needed to dissolve the recreation board and, at the same time, transfer the Fifth Street playground over to Antis Township ownership. Once Finn is seated, this should all come together rather quickly. The bylaws of the recreation board require that, in order to conduct a vote and official business, there must be at least one representative form Antis Township, Bellwood Borough, and the Bellwood-Antis School Board in attendance. For almost a year that seat that needed to be filled by the school district representative was vacant. This appointment will now fill the requirement and the long awaited action will now be able to take place.

In a separate action taken as part to the building, grounds, and transportation section the 2019-2020 school bus routes, stops and times were approved. Also, an update was provided that currently there is no road construction that is anticipated.

In the area of curriculum, approval was granted for the elementary and high school faculty handbook changes that were made for the 2019-2020 school year.

Also being granted approval were the changes that were included in 2019-2020 elementary, middle school, and high school student and parent handbooks that were presented to the board members in their packets.

The agenda itself for the monthly meeting of the Bellwood-Antis School Board of Directors was very large due to the fact that many final approvals that were required for the start of the new school year. These additional items will be provided in upcoming editions of The Daily Herald.

Chuck Banas can be reached at cbanas@thedailyherald.net.


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