With the strong possibility that Saturday evening and through Sunday morning bringing some significant snowfall Bellwood Borough Council and Bellwood Police Department wish to remind borough residents of parking restrictions during a significant snowfall or snow emergency.

Bellwood Borough, upon the arrival of a significant snowfall, institutes the odd/even parking restrictions that is found in Borough Ordinance 495 section two. This section states that, “During any snow storm, defined as weather conditions in which any accumulation of snow and/or sleet greater than two inches has fallen or is predicted to fall, or in which there has been or is predicted to be any accumulation of ice, parking shall be regulated on all borough streets as follows.”

“Parking of vehicles shall be restricted to the side of the street bearing even (house) numbers on even numbered days and on the side of the street bearing odd (house) numbers on odd number days. This shall continue until the snow on the opposite side of the street has been fully plowed to the curb. These parking regulations are for the purpose of traffic movement and snow plowing shall be in full force for each forecasted or actual snow accumulation of two inches or more. On streets where parking is normally restricted to one side, parking will be permitted on the restricted side to comply with the odd/even system for snow removal.”

“At all times during and after any snow storm, it shall be prohibited for any person to shovel, push, throw, or plow snow from a sidewalk, driveway, lot, or any other area into the street.”

“Borough police are hereby authorized to have any vehicle parked in violation of this section towed away at the expense of the owner of said vehicle.”

“It shall be unlawful for any person, association, firm, partnership, corporation or any other entity owning, possessing, or occupying any property along any dedicated or undedicated public street or alleyway within the borough, in removing snow, ice, hail, and/or obstruct sleet to deposit the same in such a manner as to obscure visibility of any fire hydrant, and/or obstruct and impede access to any fire hydrant.”

The information that is listed above does not include all of the ordinance sections. However, it does include the important parts of the ordinances that would be effecting most home owners within Bellwood Borough.

One other item that was not mentioned in the above section requirements that were highlighted deals with the home owners or residents of homes within the borough that have sidewalks. As is the case with many other municipalities, snow should be removed from the sidewalk areas in front of homes and businesses within a 24-hour period of the snowfall and continued to be kept clear throughout the winter months.

Contact the Bellwood Borough business office for additional information at (814) 742-8591.

Chuck Banas can be reached at cbanas@thedailyherald.net.


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