During the monthly meeting of Tyrone Borough Council, members adopted two ordinances and a resolution in the course of covering agenda items.

Adopted first was Ordinance 1439 to amend a chapter of the Borough’s Code for vehicles and traffic, to add parking meters along Logan Avenue between Herald Street and 11th Street. The meters along that stretch have been replaced and are in operating order once again, after being removed for a temporary trial in fall in an attempt to help provide parking to nearby businesses.

Discussed in December and January, Council decided the removal of the meters was not beneficial for the businesses, as others were parking in the spaces for long periods of time, and therefore prohibited customers from parking to go to the establishments along Logan Avenue and 10th Street.

Council also approved Ordinance 1440 to permit the sale of borough properties including 35 acres of vacant ground along Decker Hollow Road, and nearly 82 acres of vacant ground along VanScoyoc Hollow Road. The land at Decker Hollow was approved for sale to David Gardner for $140,000, and the VanScoyoc Hollow property was approved for sale to Elizabeth Acres, Inc. for $182,650.

The ordinance allows for officials of the Borough to execute deeds and other documents prepared for the sales.

Resolution No. 2020-01 was then approved for the donation of unclaimed bicycles by the Borough to Helping Hands, Tyrone.

“The Borough has long been plagued by the problem of inadequate storage space, and the Borough police chief has indicated that there are 13 bicycles [...] in storage,” reads part of the Resolution. According to the document, the owners have not been located and there are no active cases requiring the police department to retain the bicycles any longer.

Bicycles that have been unclaimed for 90 days may be, by the Resolution, donated to a charitable organization. Police Chief John Romeo was in contact with Crystal Himes, owner of Helping Hands, who has agreed to accept the bicycles.

Tyrone Borough Council meets the second Monday each month at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Building, Logan Avenue.

Adeena Harbst can be reached at aharbst@thedailyherald.net.


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