At the start of the borough manger’s monthly report, Ardean Latchford presented council members with a letter to the Department of Environmental Protection; Bureau of Waterways (DEP BW) regarding the condition of the levee along Lund Ave. During last month’s meetings, residents of Park Ave. expressed concern with the condition of the levee. The presented letter was drafted at the request of the DEP BW and acts as written consent, stating that the borough has discussed and consents to participate a national pilot program for flood mitigation.

According to Latchford, a motion would be required to accept the draft. Latchford explained, “The motion would be to participate in the national levy flood mitigation incentive.”

The motion was presented and unanimously accepted.

In relation to the letter, when council went to accept the minutes as presented from the May Borough Council meeting, David Snyder explained that there needed to be a small amendment. “There is a slight amendment that we need. A voting amendment needs to be made.”

Snyder continued that during discussions for the GP 8 and GP 11 permits, council member Sarah Miller voted against the permits because she is against the 9th St bridge restoration and the observation deck. Snyder elaborated that, “She was in favor of the observation deck. The notes have it reversed. The opposition is to the 9t bridge restoration.”

After Snyder’s clarification, the minutes from the May meeting were accepted with the amendment.

Latchford also presented a number of bids that the borough has accepted for chemicals, stone, and lime. Separated by the company that won them, the accepted bids are as follows: USALCO won the bid for Poly Aluminum Chloride at $2.0318 per gallon; Shannon won the bid for Liquid Zinc Orthoposphate at $6.57 per gallon; Univar won several bids, one for Caustic Soda at 3.11 a gallon, Fluoride at $2.785 per gallon, and Sodium Bicarbonate at $0.3711 a gallon; and New Enterprise won 10 bids, one for ID-2 Wearing at $64.50 a ton, FJ 1 Wearing at $64.50 a ton, BCBC at $52.50 a ton, 2PD at $131.00 a ton, #2 at $14.90 a ton, #2RC at $8.25 a ton, #3A at $14.90 a ton, #4 at $14.90 a ton, #1B at 17.30 a ton, and Anti Skid AS2 at $14.50 a ton.

A motion was presented to accept these bids and was unanimously accepted.

Latchford also presented a DEP required report that is to be distributed to all borough water customers. Mike Ashcroft, the borough water superintendent, prepared and distributed the report. When the report is available, it will be advertised in The Daily Herald and will be on the Borough’s website. Residents are also advised that a paper copy of the report will also be available at the borough office.

On June 13, there will be a public hearing at the Tyrone-Snyder Public Library at 6 p.m. The purpose of the hearing is to provide borough residents an opportunity to gain information on potential grant opportunities for owner occupied, single family dwelling units. Latchford strongly encouraged the public to attend this hearing.

At the end of his report, Latchford also offered reminders of several upcoming events. The mentioned events were the 2019 Summer Concerts in the park, the Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program, and the Tyrone Community Yard Sale on September 11. For more information on these and other local events, subscribers of The Daily Herald are encouraged to read the full articles covering these events at

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