On Thursday evening, Antis Township Supervisors conducted their final meeting of what had become an extremely productive year for the township, according to the supervisors.

One of the key elements of the evening meeting was the adoption of the township budget for the 2019 year. The supervisors adopted resolution No. 17-2018 which comprised both the 2019 operating and capital budget. The operating budget was approved in the amount of $1,288,400. The capital budget was adopted in the sum of $849,591.

During the treasurer’s report the monthly expenditures in the amount of $45,973.58 was approved for payment.

The supervisors then turned their attention to the inter municipal stormwater committee agreement.

Dave Worthing, chairman of the board of supervisors started the comments out be stating, “This is a very good thing we have here.”

Lucas Martsolf, township manager, also provided some information of a more financial standpoint. “The cost involved in this agreement should result in possibly being lowered by 50 percent due to the fact that with the nine municipalities working together in a common effort, this likely will result in grant money to be available that would result in a cost reduction,” Martsolf said.

Supervisors also addressed the need to adopt the lobbying certification agreement. This agreement is actually required by PenDOT in order for the township to receive grant monies that they have been awarded. The agreement was then adopted.

Chris Dutrow, township engineer, then presented information concerning two issues. The first was to inform the supervisors that the work project on Becker Road has been finalized. “It really looks good,” Dutrow said.

The second point Dutrow wanted to inform the supervisors on the upcoming Stetter Road Plan project. “Things have been drawn up and the work on some short term easements should all be completed in the very near future. In my opinion, we can advertise for bids, but not approve those until such time that all of the easements have been secured,” Dutrow said.

This project has been tentatively projected for a spring start. The detour plan has already been drawn up with the detour traffic to use Smith Road.

The Bellwood-Antis Public Library also sent in a request to the township for an additional amount of $13,000 in funding. Some raised eyebrows resulted in a discussion that followed, with supervisors wanting to make sure this is a one-time approval only.

Martsolf said, “I think the time has come to be more involved in finding out what the library is doing.”

Worthing also indicated, “I think it is time that the library develops a strategic plan and provides us with a copy of that plan.”

Supervisors then announced that the reorganizational meeting of the township will be held on Monday, January 7, 2019 at 7 p.m. in the Antis Township building, with the supervisor’s meeting to immediately follow.

Chuck Banas can be reached at cbanas@thedailyherald.net.


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