Bull Pen remodeled

The newly remodeled Bull Pen includes a much brighter bar area with new flooring and several additional televisions for patrons to enjoy different events. .

On Saturday evening, the newly remodeled Bull Penn Restaurant and Sports Lounge sponsored an invitational soft opening to have people come in and see not only the newly remodeled facility, but also try out a portion of the items that will be appearing on the new menu.

Many people over the years have taken that all so familiar walk from the parking lot in front of the Bull Pen into the restaurant itself. Therefore, nothing from the time of leaving the car to walking to the front door of the Bull Pen seemed the least bit different.

Then the big change was first noticed as you entered into the main door of the Bull Pen. A completely remodeled and much brighter interior was the first thing that greeted people as they entered into the Bull Pen.

The wait staff and members of the Russell family, the new owners the Bull Pen, were on hand to both greet and seat individuals as they walked into the the front area. When coming in customers could obviously see the big difference in the inside area. This improvements went from the ceilings to the new floor coverings.

Once seated, visitors were greeted again by a very smartly dressed waitstaff and were provided a trimmed down menu that was being offered and utilized for the soft opening that night.

Shortly before 7 p.m., the seating areas throughout the Bull Penn were pretty much filled and and the conversation concerning the remodeling, the soft opening, and the food that was being served were all being well received by those folks that in attendance.

When speaking with the new owners, they are looking at having the official opening of the Bull Pen to occur in the very near future. Most likely, within the next week or so. Definitely in time for the beginning of this year’s football season.

The Russell family are the new owners at the Bull Pen and have made great inroads throughout Tyrone with the remodeling of the downtown area as well as bringing into this area many new opportunities for employment with the new businesses that they have been creating.

While walking around after finishing a very good meal, The Daily Herald had the opportunity to ask those in attendance what they thought of the evening, the event, the newly remodeled Bull Pen, as well as the menu, even through trimmed down as part of the soft opening. At least a half dozen guests afforded two thumbs up to everything that they had seen, heard, and of course eaten during their evening as invited guests of the soft opening.

Harry Sickler, who has operated the Bull Pen for many years, was all smiles as he sat at his table waiting to be served a plate of ribs that he had ordered as part of the soft opening. “I am very happy tonight. I am looking forward to trying the ribs and also so happy that the Bull Pen will continue to be here in Tyrone for many more years to come,” Sickler said.

There will be additional information released by the new owners of the Bull Pen in the upcoming days. This information will include the date of the official opening of the Bull Pen and the newly established hours of operation as well. Look for the ads that will include all of this updated information in upcoming additions of The Daily Herald.

Chuck Banas can be reached at cbanas@thedailyherald.net.


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