For the past few months, the old Joy Beans storefront on 10th street had a new sign in the window that simply read “Guess what’s brewing?” That’s it. No explanation, no details given, yet these three words have sparked an ongoing sense of curiosity among Tyrone residents throughout the community. With their opening just around the corner, owners Shannon Rice and Rob Poust sat down with me to discuss what their new downtown hangout spot will offer.

Shannon and Rob both shared their passion for “coffee and atmosphere,” specifically pointing out the coffee shops they visited in cities like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. When describing what they planned to bring to Tyrone, Shannon stated that “we wanted to bring a city feel into a small town and great quality coffee to the people of Tyrone, because we feel like they deserve it! [Our concept will have] a nice comfortable atmosphere with couches, comfortable seating, and TVs — it’s going to be a nice place to just hang out, which is what we wanted to bring.”

There are parts of the menu that spark a little nostalgia for the old Joy Beans days, as the new coffee shop will also offer N/S Sweeties doughnuts alongside of their own assortment of baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, soups, and mac and cheese. “Mac and cheese is absolutely my favorite food group on the planet,” Shannon said. “It’s what I order wherever I go. I really want our mac and cheese to be what people come back for!”

For coffee lovers, The Brew Coffee and Tap will offer an assortment of lattes, espresso, iced, pour over and drip coffees. For the non coffee drinkers, they are going to have a flavored iced tea everyday, lemonade, and real fruit smoothies. Shannon pointed across the street and said “since we have the sports complex on the other side of 10th street and the gym behind us in the Joshua House building (armory), I also want to incorporate some power protein bites, something for the kids and athletes to come in and grab and go.”

Diving into the Tap Room concept, Rob said that they “can appeal to the craft beer community, which is growing [in State College and Altoona], but not here. There are people in Tyrone who know what good craft beer looks like, tastes like, but there’s no real outlet for it.” With the Six Pack Shop and Logan Beverage being the only locations with a variety of craft beers available, and none of which are in downtown Tyrone, Rob stated that their concept would offer those who enjoy craft beer “a place that’s easily accessible” without the need to buy a whole case.

The menu during Tap Room hours is still under works, but they are planning to offer soups, sandwiches, and a variety of mac and cheeses: buffalo chicken, BBQ chicken, pulled pork mac and cheese. Shareable items will also be on the menu, like nachos, chips, and dips.

With both owners being from State College and having full-time jobs they were willing to put aside in favor of their coffee shop dream, the question “Why Tyrone” was both revealing and refreshing. Shannon said they “came to Tyrone and fell in love with the town. This whole town has so much character and charm. We just wanted to help make it succeed.” Shannon has since joined the Tyrone Events and Promotions Committee, as well as attended other Tyrone Area Chamber of Commerce events, in hopes of giving back and “helping wherever I can.” Rob agreed and said that “we want to give back to the community as much as we physically can. The town needs involvement, it needs a younger crowd to start helping.”

The Brew Coffee and Tap is planning on opening their doors on Saturday, June 29 at 8 a.m.! For the first few months of operation, however, the owners did say that they planned on being open 7 days a week, opening at 6 a.m. on weekdays, 8 a.m. on weekends. “We will always be open during our posted hours, but based on our traffic and the feedback from the community, those hours may change [after our first few months].”

Due to the licensing process, Rob did mention that the Tap Room portion may be delayed slightly beyond their official opening. “We are still pinning down the licensing required to open the tap portion, which we are hoping will be set up by our opening date. It’s definitely coming! We already have the taps, the keg coolers, we have it all set up [for when the logistics are ironed out].” When the Tap Room is available, it’s hours will be Thursday — Saturday from 5 p.m. — 10 p.m. (potential for change per community feedback).

If you would like to remain up-to-date on The Brew Coffee and Tap, visit their website at and/or like their Facebook page @TheBrewCoffeeAndTap.


David is a small business owner, elected councilman in the Borough of Tyrone, and a writer for the Tyrone Daily Herald. Along with his wife, Bailey, and their son, Grayson, David loves videography, photography, and creating the worst puns imaginable.


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