'Happy Birthday Jesus'

Community Worship Center, Tyrone, released a Christmas song titled, “Happy Birthday Jesus” on Friday, Nov. 15. The song was written by worship leader Brent Stewart and is sung by Isabelle Deal and the “Community Kids!” choir.

Members of Community Worship Center, Tyrone, have always been eager to spread the joy of Christmas, but this year, they’re doing it at a national level. On Friday, November 15, the church released its own original Christmas song, “Happy Birthday Jesus,” on all digital platforms.

The song was thought up last year during the planning of the Christmas Eve service at Community Worship Center. Pastor Keith Deal wanted a fun, upbeat song for the kids to sing, but also one that truly captured the joy and celebration of Christmas.

He then turned to worship leader, Brent Stewart, to write the song. It was performed by Isabelle Deal, Pastor’s Keith’s daughter, along with the children of Community Worship Center.

The reaction to the song was so overwhelming that the worship team decided that it should be released to the public. Stewart, who lives locally in Tyrone, recorded the track in his studio, with Isabelle Deal providing the lead vocals. Children from the community joined in to lend their voices to the chorus of the song. The group has been established as “Community Kids!”

“Our hope is that, as people listen to this song, they will be filled with the true joy and love that comes when celebrating the birth of Jesus,” said Julie Deal, a member of the worship team and Pastor Keith’s wife.

“Happy Birthday Jesus” is the first “Community Kids!” single to be released, and Community Worship Center does so with the hope of many more inspiring songs to follow.

The song is expected to be available for free enjoyment on YouTube.

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