Lincoln Ave.

A resident brought concerns regarding traffic safety on Lincoln Ave. to last week’s Tyrone Borough council meeting.

Tyrone resident Tracy Hunter addressed Tyrone Borough Council members at last Monday’s meeting, sharing concerns with traffic safety on Lincoln Ave.

Hunter said that she watches many people just “blow through” the four-way stop sign on Lincoln. She said that she is afraid to let her kids even ride their bikes on the sidewalk due to traffic violations, including speeding and failing to stop.

Also, there are illegally parked cars, she said, as many park in yellow curb areas and even block the ramp at the funeral home.

Hunter said that nothing seems to ever be done and urged Tyrone Borough Council members to enforce the laws that are in place. She said, “If you need extra budget, enforce the speed limit. Actually enforce it. If you enforce it, people are going to follow it. I just want people to go the speed limit on my street. I just want it to be enforced. There is a lot of traffic on that street.”

Later in the meeting during his report, Chief John Romeo said that he will address the problem with officers.

Also during public comment, Michele Miller informed council members that she had requested a speed and traffic study in Snyder Township for their portion of Clay Ave. (as previously reported). Since Clay is partially in Snyder and partially in Tyrone Borough, Miller requested council members to file an application with PennDOT for a new traffic study.

Miller said that the major thoroughfare in town is Clay Avenue and has a higher speed limit going by the school that any other road that crosses town. Council members in attendance all approved the request for a new study.

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