During Monday evening’s Tyrone Borough Council meeting Ardean Latchford, borough manager, presented to council information on four separate items for consideration. A request from Tyrone Hospital for assistance with road repairs, consideration of a handrail project at the pedestrian bridge at the railroad park, consideration of tree removal at Reservoir Park and action on a pavilion at Railroad Park.

“I met earlier this month with Tim Davis from the maintenance department at Tyrone Hospital. He advised of a major improvement project that the hospital will soon be undertaking. The hospital is going to apply to try and get a $1,000,000 grant for improvements that will also make repairs to the Oak Hill Side of Hospital Drive. Davis is asking both Snyder Township and Tyrone Borough to donate towards this rear road project. The cost received on the project for the rear road that has been quoted at $24,750,” Latchford said.

Councilman Terry Richardson stated, “I have been told that the property that you are referring to belongs to Snyder Township. I do not think in that case we can use borough money.”

Latchford responded, “This is for informational purposes only at this time.

Latchford then provided information on removing some of the trees across from the hockey rink in Reservoir Park in order to make additional parking spaces available. “This request is for removal of approximately 20 to 25 feet across from the hockey rink. The bid for the removal these trees is set at $9,000. Council was also informed that there is $4,000 that has remained in a parking fund that can be used towards the cost of this project.” Council members then approved the removal of the trees as presented. This will result in approximately 20 additional parking places.

Latchford then went to the construction of a pavilion at the railroad park that would be built 16x24 ft. in size. “We have received a low bid for this construction project from Maines Engineering and Construction of Tyrone in the amount of $14,554. This will be constructed next to the Tyrone Historical Museum in order to protect visitors while watching the trains from weather. The roof will also match the metal hip roof currently on the historical museum,” Latchford said. This action was also approved.

Latchford also informed council, “We have received notification from PennDot that they are going to complete the a requested by the borough.The study will be conducted from the Church of the Good Shepherd to Third Street. There will be no cost for the speed study but any changes that would require new signage will be the responsibility of the borough.” The study by PennDot is expected to take place within the next four to six weeks.

Finally, the council approved the installation of handrails on the currently unused bridge near 9th Street. The council agreed to award the installation of the handrails to D.C. Goodman and Sons of Huntingdon at the cost of $16,400. This would create an observation deck along the Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad tracks.

This prompted councilman David Snyder to say, “I love the idea of an observation deck in this area. It will make Tyrone Borough unique.”

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