Tyrone Area School District former crossing guard and security guard Michele Miller will be reinstated to her position as security guard, following a more than month-long wait since her public hearing at the school district in January. Miller’s hearing, at her request, followed administrative action to terminate Miller from her employment with TASD as the result of two separate incidents: her actions at a meeting and the throwing of gloves during her duties as crossing guard.

At Tuesday evening’s school board meeting, board members voted to accept the findings of facts and conclusions of law and adjudication; however the result — whether Miller would be reinstated or terminated from her position — was not made public at that time.

The Daily Herald submitted a Right to Know document to John Clark, business administrator for TASD. The same day, Thursday, Miller received a letter from Superintendent Cathy Harlow, with the copy of the findings of fact, conclusions of law and adjudication dated March 7, 2019 attached from Attorney M. Janet Burkhardt, the hearing officer.

The final result of the five-hour long hearing before school board members: “The Board of School Directors of the Tyrone Area School District, in accordance with the foregoing Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, hereby Orders that Ms. Michelle [sic.] Miller be given a written reprimand for her actions at the meeting on November 6, 2018 where she used profanity to express herself in a state of anger. The Board hereby Orders that Ms. Miller be returned to work as soon as practicable in her position as security guard.”

Part of the conclusion of law states, “...regarding the use of profanity at a meeting on November 6, 2018, where both Ms. Miller and Mr. [Tom] Muir were visibly agitated during the meeting and both used profanity, that Ms. Miller violated Section 514 of the School Code by committing an error of judgment or other improper conduct. However, the Board concludes that both employees should be reprimanded, in writing, for their use of profanity. The Board does not agree that Ms. Miller’s actions at the November 6, 2018 meeting rise to the level of termination under the provisions of Section 514 of the code.”

With regards to the testimony that Miller admittedly threw her gloves at a passing speeding car while working as a crossing guard, Miller had since that incident resigned her position as crossing guard and that conduct was committed in that position. The conclusion of law states, “Consequently, the Board is not willing to extend Ms. Miller’s improper conduct and poor judgment as impairing her ability to perform her duties as a security guard and concludes as a matter of law that this conduct is not relevant to her continued employment as a security guard.”

Miller was very pleased with the result and is excited to resume her duties as security guard at TASD. She said in a Friday interview, “Now I just want to move forward, put everything aside...I’m hoping we can work together. I have no hard feelings. I want to thank all of those who supported and believed in me.”

Julie White can be reached at jwhite@thedailyherald.net.


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