Fire response

Excelsior Fire Company responded to a vehicle fire on Interstate 99 on Saturday. Volunteers extinguished the camper that was ablaze, with assistance from Neptune and Hookies fire companies. No injuries were reported.

Excelsior Fire Company provided Antis Township with updates last week during Thursday’s supervisors’ meeting, and additionally reported this weekend that the company ran three alarms between Friday and Saturday.

This weekend’s alarms included an assist to Pinecroft on Friday around 5:40 p.m. for a vehicle accident. Five members provided traffic control and fluid control. AMED and State Police were also on scene.

Within two hours, the company was alerted for a rollover crash and approximately 13 responded. They reported that a single pickup truck was rolled onto its side, and a utility pole was “sheered off.” Responders from Excelsior closed the roadway due to the crash. Volunteers were able to stabilize the vehicle until a towing service arrived. The crash resulted in only minor injuries.

On Saturday morning around 11, Excelsior responded quickly to a vehicle fire on Interstate 99 involving a camper. Approximately 16 volunteers responded. Due to the scene being a working fire, and the volume of the call, an additional tanker was requested from Tyrone. Neptune and Hookies fire companies assisted, and no injuries were reported.

Saturday, firefighters also tested for a vehicle rescue class held at the station. This was part of 16 hours of vehicle rescue tech training that will occur this month, along with 16 hours of basic fire police training. As reported to township supervisors this month by Jack McCloskey from Excelsior, volunteers took part in training in November including: six hours of CPR/First Aid, 24 hours basic vehicle rescue, eight hours for firefighter I certification course, and six hours of Transcare tabletop training.

Also during the public safety report, McCloskey said the company responded to 37 calls in November, with 10 in the township, two in Bellwood Borough, and two in the Tipton area. Assists included six to Pinecroft, 11 mutual aid to Tyrone, one mutual aid to Sinking Valley, one mutual aid to State College, one to Altoona, and three to Logan Township.

He clarified that an issue at Tipton Manor on Sunday, December 1 was due to a main electric feed coming from DelGrosso’s plant going towards the Tipton intersection that had water in the connection, but there was no damage besides minor road damage.

This month has been busy for Excelsior so far, with several calls wrapping up November and kicking off the month, as well as events including fundraisers and community Christmas celebrations with the parade, soup sampling, a raffle, bike giveaway, and cookies with Santa all being held on December 1. Updates will be provided to the township ahead of the January 6 reorganization and supervisors’ meeting.

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