Recently, state Rep. Lou Schmitt (R-Blair) and state Sen. Judy Ward (R-30) announced that they will be awarding grants to first responders in the area. Several fire companies and emergency emergency medical service providers in the 79th Legislative District will receive funding through the Office of the State Fire Commissioner’s Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program.

“Fire and EMS personnel provide key services when we are most vulnerable,” Schmitt stated. “For this, we are eternally grateful. As costs within the emergency services continue to increase, this funding will help ensure residents continue to receive the level of service they expect and deserve.”

Departments that will receive funding are as follows:

  • Greenwood Volunteer Fire Department: $13,289.53.
  • Logan Township United Fire Department: $25,748.03.
  • Altoona Logan Township Mobile Medical Department Authority: $9,192.44.
  • City of Altoona Fire Department: $14,248.03.

Ward added that she was pleased to hear that the grant funding was being awarded.

“Issues facing our first responders have been raised time and time again,” she explained. “The fact that so many risk their lives to help others means we owe a debt to these men and women to support their training and equipment.”

The grant funding intended to further the mission of providing emergency services. It must be used for facilities, debt reduction, equipment, training and education.

Furthermore, career departments can also use the funding for overtime costs that are associated with backfilling positions while firefighters are attending training.

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