Grier students

Students at Grier School in Tyrone participate in one of many offered STEM classes. The school was recently recognized by Newsweek for its STEM curriculum.

Newsweek announced its ranking of the top 5,000 STEM high schools for 2019, honoring excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Grier School of Tyrone was recognized in the rankings.

At spot no. 790, Grier School falls within the top 3 percent of 30,000 schools analyzed by Newsweek.

With its long history of reporting on scientific breakthroughs, technological revolutions, and societal challenges, Newsweek partnered with to rank America’s Best STEM high schools. The list includes schools in every region of the country that offer skilled teachers who keep up with developments in these fields and who create dynamic learning environments to engage their students.

Grier is in the top 20 percent of the Top 5,000 schools curated from Educational Research™ (SER) using a proprietary scoring logic that took into consideration a broad set of quantitative and qualitative data inputs collected over a three-year period. The purpose was to determine which institutions in America best offer students experiences in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)—as defined by the Congressional Research Service—while preparing them for post‐secondary outcomes. Additional factors, including affluence and median household income, were taken into consideration in compiling the rankings.

“Children don’t realize it, but they’re natural STEM students,” says Nancy Cooper, Newsweek global editor-in-chief. “We need to make sure that innate drive, curiosity, and creativity aren’t lost along the way. These high schools are helping to ensure America’s future in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is in good hands.”

Grier’s Head of School, Gina Borst, is proud that Grier School has earned such a strong position in the rankings. Recognizing the importance of STEM in preparing students for the future job market, Grier developed an IT corridor in 2018 and an AV recording studio in 2015.

Grier School offers abundant courses in STEM topics, including Robotics, Computer Programming, several course options in Science and Math, and an impressive 10 AP courses in STEM disciplines. With female teachers leading every STEM discipline, girls at Grier have strong role models and can see themselves in STEM careers. It has been indicated that females who attend all-girls schools are six times more likely to consider majoring in a STEM field in college than girls in co-ed institutions.


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