Judith Redline Coopey

Judith Redline Coopey

A special program this evening at Bellwood-Antis Public Library will welcome Judith Redline Coopey, a fiction author born and raised in the area who has a deep passion for Pennsylvania history.

The public is invited to the program from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. to hear about the research and historical background Coopey has used in a newly released book, “Don’t You Cry for Me.” The book features the story of a Confederate spy sent to Blair County on special assignment to sabotage Horseshoe Curve during the Civil War.

“This book means a lot to me because it is a true story handed down from my mother,” said Coopey.

Born in Altoona and raised in Williamsburg as the youngest of eight children, Coopey weaves family history and local history into her novels. Both of her parents were avid readers, but Coopey says her passion for history is inherited from her father, Kenneth Redline — a history student and World War I veteran. She edited a novel authored by her father in 2017 about World War I.

Cooper began writing at the age of 11. Her love for Pennsylvania and its history is reflected in her writing. Her previous novels have highlighted the Underground Railroad in Bedford County, the Johnstown flood, and the 19th century iron industry set on a iron plantation in Juniata.

An avid reader and genealogist, she also enjoys the outdoors, hiking and camping, and summers spent at the family cabin in Arizona with her husband and their German Shepherd, Sadie.

Tonight’s program at Bellwood-Antis Public Library is open to the public to attend, ask questions, and to meet the author. Her latest book, released just last week, will be available to view.


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