Thomas John Hawes

Thomas John Hawes

Several incidents that occurred in Tyrone recently have resulted in the arrest and the incarceration of Thomas John Hawes, 27, who is currently listed as homeless. These charges are the result of two serape incidents that occurred in Tyrone Borough.

According to the official affidavit of probable cause that was filed by the Tyrone Borough Police Department, the first incident occurred on August 12, at 3:30 p.m. At this time, the Tyrone Police observed Thomas Hawes, who is known to be wanted through the Blair County Sheriff’s Department, at Choice Cigarettes in Tyrone Borough.

Police then indicated that they made contact with Hawes and he was placed into custody on the outstanding warrant. Police then began a search of Hawes incidental to his arrest. Police then discovered in the front right pocket of Hawes pants a black, plastic case. Inside of this black plastic case was a glass pipe, used for smoking methamphetamine. Police also located in the pocket two short portions of straws that are commonly used to snort various types of drugs. All of these items were then seized.

Hawes was then charged by Tyrone Police with use/possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to use drug paraphernalia.

The second incident that involved Thomas John Hawes occurred the same day, August 12, approximately a half hour prior to Hawes being arrested for the first incident listed above.

At approximately 3:05 p.m., Tyrone Police were dispatched to Domino’s Pizza on E. Pleasant Valley Blvd. in regards to a counterfeit $100 bill that was used for payment for an order.

According to the official police affidavit of probable cause filed in this second incident, an employee of Domino’s pizza reported to police that he had delivered an order to Park Avenue in Tyrone. The name that was associated with the order was Thomas Hawes. The employee stated that a male had taken the food order that was valued at $16.68 and had paid him by using a $100 bill. The employee stated that he had then given the male the change for the difference in the order.

When the employee returned to the business, he then discovered that the bill was not legal tender. The employee then notified police. The employee also provided police with a description of the subject by stating it was a white male, thin, 5’10” tall, brown hair, wearing glasses, and having tattoos all over his arms.

Police then went to the address that the delivery had been made and learned that Thomas Hawes had just left prior to their arrival. The home owner on Park Avenue indicated that Hawes had left to go get cigarettes.

Police then found Hawes at Choice Cigarettes. Hawes also matched the description that was provided by the food delivery employee.

For this second incident, Hawes was then charged with the following; forgery, a felony of the second degree; theft by deception, a misdemeanor of the second degree; and receiving stolen property, a misdemeanor of the second degree.

Hawes was later released into the custody of the Blair County Sheriff’s Department Office.

Hawes was then arraigned on both incidents on Tuesday morning by Magisterial District Judge Miller in Tyrone via video. After the arraignment for the charge of use/possession of drug paraphernalia, bail was set at $3,500 unsecured. On the other charges, under the first charge of forgery, bail was set at $15,000, 10 percent monetary. Unable to post and also on the outstanding warrant, Hawes was remanded to the Blair County Prison. A preliminary hearing on both off these incidents was then set for August 20, at the office of MDJ Miller in Tyrone.

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