For the past 19 years, Joshua House has hosted what has grown to be the largest, outdoor three-on-three basketball tournament in Pennsylvania. The annual event takes place amidst the downtown streets of Tyrone every third Saturday in July.

Thousands of people attend to play and/or watch basketball, eat food from an array of vendors, take part in the Kids Zone activities, and gather around Center Court at the noon hour to watch the dunk competition and hear from a motivational speaker.

HoopsFest is the largest funder for the Joshua House, supporting their mission to help youth find purpose. What many don’t know is included among the event is the HoopsFest Gives Back program.

It takes a large army of volunteers to make an event of this scale successful. On average, there are over 150 volunteers to help set-up, keep score, oversee divisions, feed volunteers in the hospitality center, and clean-up. Knowing they need a lot of volunteers and a vision to find ways to serve the community, the HoopsFest Gives Back program is a fundraiser for local organizations.

Participating organizations are provided compensation based on the number of representatives they provide to volunteer during HoopsFest and the number of hours each representative serves. This year, HoopsFest Gives Back distributed a total of $2,830 to seven different organizations. Tyrone Soccer and Tyrone Volleyball were two of those organizations.

“HoopsFest Gives Back began with a desire to assist in helping better our community through taking funds brought in by the tournament and funding various sports and recreation project and programs. We started by replacing local parks’ basketball hoops and resurfacing courts,” said Jessica Kilmartin who came up with the idea of HoopsFest Gives Back. “Several years into the program, as volunteer recruitment became a larger task, we decided to partner with local high school booster clubs and drive funds back to them. They helped us boost our volunteer base while earning money for their organization. It was a win, win; more of the community became involved in the tournament and local sports teams could raise funds for their upcoming seasons.”

Anyone interested in more information about HoopsFest Gives Back should contact Derek Vaughn at To learn more about HoopsFest, visit

About Joshua House

Teenagers often feel lost, disconnected, and unprepared for life. Joshua House’s mission to help youth find purpose by providing them a place to go to find a sense of belonging, receive guidance from mentors, and learn the skills they need to be successful. To learn more about the various programs, visit



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