Identical triplets celebrate first birthday

The Benton boys, identical triplets, celebrated their first birthday on February 10.

Approximately one year to the day, the area was introduced by The Daily Herald to three identical triplets from Sinking Valley. The three boys were bundled up in the super hero clothing of Superman, Batman and Robin. The very proud parents of these three identical triplet boys are Jared and Nicole Benton.

It has often been said that the birth of that first child can really change the lives of the parents. One can only imagine what the birth of three children in a matter of 10 minutes will do in that regard. That is what the Bentons were able to experience the first time they became parents.

All three identical triple boys were born February 10, within 10 minutes of each other. Aiden would officially become the oldest, born at 11 p.m. Bryson was the middle son, being born five minutes later at 11:05 p.m. That gave the title of youngest to Lucas, or Lukey, as his parents call him. Lucas was born five minutes later arriving at 11:10 p.m.

When asked what the biggest adjustment was for having the identical triplets both parents said, “Sleep!” Continuing Nicole said, “That was tough for the whole family. We even had two sets of grandparents and my sister-in-law helping us for the first three months or so. What most first parents need to go through, we had that times three.”

The next question asked was followed by, “Oh my.” The question was, have you tried taking the boys on any type of family vacation yet?

“We went on vacation for one week to go camping down at Lake Raystown. We started preparing and doing all the packing a day ahead of time. Plus we had help from both of our parents who came with us to help,” Nicole said. “Believe it or not it went really good,” Nicole offered.

Nicole pointed out that she was off work for two months before returning. Jared has been blessed with a very cooperative employer. Jared has been permitted to work two or three days per week at his position of employment.

The next question that was asked to Nicole was what do the boys do in order to keep themselves entertained? “The boys are walking now and they are getting into everything. They are getting their hands on everything too,” Nicole said. “At least now they are sleeping at night.”

“They do play together and seems like they are always pulling each other’s hair. When they are not pulling hair they are pulling each other down or pulling each other up,” Nicole said while laughing. “Right now I would have to say that Lukey is the most dominant.”

With regards to going shopping, “We need to buy everything in threes. But we also buy thing that are in different colors also. It is really difficult to find stores that have three sets of the same clothing in the different sizes that we need,” Nicole said.

Identical twins are very difficult to tell apart. It is even more difficult to tell identical triplets apart.

“Our parents still have a lot of trouble telling the boys apart. To be perfectly honest Jared and I will also call the boys by the wrong names every once in awhile,” Nicole said.

The triplets also have already developed some favorite foods. “Aiden likes bananas. Bryson likes about everything but it depends on the texture. Lukey like noodles,” Nicole offered.

The boys seems to like to travel in the car. But that too is an adventure. “When we are getting up and getting ready to go to church it takes an hour and a half to get the boys ready, dressed and three diaper bags packed, in the morning before we can go,” Jared and Nicole said.

Going out to eat is always entertaining and never a dull moment for the Bentons. “We went to Olive Garden once and a family member came with us so each of the boys was being carried by a different person. When we came up to the hostess she said, ‘I see we have one infant, no wait two, oh my there are three,’ the hostess said as she began to laugh. Then there are people who always look and even come over to see and say hello to the twins,” Nicole said.

The final question asked was if they had any advice they can share with new parents of triplets or even twins, what advice would they share?

“We would say the big thing we found is keeping all of them on the same schedule. All eat at the same time, sleep at the same time. That includes naps also,” Nicole said.

“Overall, it has been pretty amazing, amusing and chaotic. We are still amazed that we have identical triplets, as this is a very rare occasion indeed,” Nicole said in conclusion.

Happy first birthday to the Benton triplets from The Daily Herald.

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