Ingenuity Ribbon Cutting

A ribbon cutting event was held at Ingenuity Media, 28 West 10th Street, Tyrone this week, with members of Tyrone Area Chamber of Commerce and Tyrone Area Historical Society, officials from Tyrone Borough, local business owners, and other supporters in attendance. David Snyder (center), looks ahead to growing his web design/hosting business.

Started in 2016, Ingenuity Media has now found a home in downtown Tyrone to offer its media services, including web design and web hosting services. Operated by David Snyder who was born in Altoona and raised in Tyrone, the business is located at 28 West 10th Street.

“We offer a monthly subscription service that includes your web design, hosting, domain name registration, webmaster services, Search Engine Optimization services, and all for a low monthly fee, no contracts, no setup fee,” said Snyder, a Penn State Altoona graduate.

Snyder was motivated to start his business by frustration over the increasing costs of web design in the region.

“I frequently found agencies charging $5,000 to $10,000 for web sites that were based on free templates, which prompted the creation of an affordable web design/media platform we eventually called Ingenuity Media,” Snyder said.

“That said, we worked hard to niche ourselves down to only web design in 2019 and, after we created our hosting platform, launched our monthly web design/hosting subscription model on February 1, 2020 with the vision of offering startups and/or entrepreneurs an affordable, no long term contract service that can help minimize the cost of the upfront investment into their new concepts or projects.”

The goal of Ingenuity Media is to build a national brand through its web design subscription model and begin hiring account managers and establish a headquarters in the greater Tyrone area.

“Due to the nature of our platform on, our brand really could expand internationally, which we are looking to start attempting with the United Kingdom and Canada being our first attempt [this year],” Snyder noted.

For now, business is offered by appointment only by calling 814-380-7368 with hopes of developments and hiring of account managers as soon as this summer. Snyder is excited to have a business space in Tyrone and looks ahead to expanding Ingenuity’s reach.

“I absolutely love our community and truly cherish the thought that we’re adding value to our downtown environment,” he said. “We have already experienced an increase in business by simply being more visible and operating out of our storefront office, not to mention the warm welcome we’ve received from the Tyrone Area Chamber of Commerce and all of our neighboring businesses.

“My hope is not only to continue this upward trend within our own business, but that I will also have the opportunity to repay the kindness given to us by welcoming other new businesses into our downtown in the near future.”

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