Dear Editor:

I sent the following e-mail to State Rep. Jim Gregory and Senator Judy Ward:

“Per John McGinnis’ narrative on Friday morning, I agree that PA’s election laws were violated, and the Legislature has done nothing. Going forward do you and your colleagues have a plan to correct this anomaly? The validation of mail-in-ballots and voter ID are especially critical along with the extension of the date to accept mail-in ballots. I find this very disturbing since the rule of law has been negated by unauthorized individuals in state government.”

Rep. Gregory answered my email, and said that he is the prime sponsor of a bill to repeal. Going forward, I think this a very crucial issue for all voters if we are going to preserve the Republic. People need to keep registering and voting!

My response to Rep. Gregory is as follows:

“Thanks for the reply. If you can’t find a way to validate mail-in ballots, that action may be the best thing to do. Mare and I both voted via mail-in ballots and found it very convenient considering the COVID pandemic. I believe the problem lies with some state and county election officials who don’t abide by the state’s constitutional election laws and there is no recourse until the election is over. In some counties, election workers were prohibited from doing their job of validating ballots. Also, the state Supreme Court had no authority to change election laws regarding the receipt of ballots after election day. How did that happen? I believe, The Legislature should have taken immediate action to censure the Supreme Court for its unlawful action. In an emergency, I can call 911. If election laws and statues aren’t being followed on election day, who can the voting Precinct Judge of Elections call to immediately correct the anomaly? Good luck on your efforts.”

Best regards,

Frank Fedeli




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