Dear Editor:

My name is Sarah Jane Miller and I am a Tyrone Borough Council member. That being said, I would now like to set the record straight on something.

I understand there are some people who are making comments about me because of not attending council meetings.

First of all, we had the coronavirus lockdown. Second, my number one priority was the health of my husband, Don Miller. He was in failing health. He needed help walking and getting in and out of chairs, even though he used a walker. He couldn’t be left alone, due to being very weak.

I was advised not to go to council meetings or anywhere there were people I would be in contact with. The concern was possibly bringing the virus home to Don. My husband’s health had to come first, and I make no apologies for staying home to care for him. It all came to an end Jan. 20, 2021, when my dearest Don passed away in a hospital in Pittsburgh.

To those of you who criticized me for not attending council meetings, I pray you never have to see your spouse go through what Don went through and then lose him. It’s a feeling no one can ever know until you lived it.

Sarah Jane Miller





There are those of us who sympathize with you, and can't imagine how hard that was for you. However, at the same time, why not just resign from council? You obviously had a more important obligation, but there was still business to be done. Why not resign and let someone take the seat who can actually dedicate the time to the position that it requires?

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