Dear Editor:

I greatly enjoy reading Bill [Dann’s] column “Hollow Echoes” and thus read his latest installment “Beggars can be choosers” from today, March 13th.

While I was reading the article I could not help but wonder if the reason for the “why’s or wherefores of this incident” was not the fact that it happened on Good Friday, as stated in the first sentence of the second paragraph. Could it be that the poor man was catholic and could smell the beef cooking in the crock pot?

If so he probably did not want to offend the gracious lunch host by turning down meat on Good Friday and decided to leave before he was served.

If that is true, what a sacrifice it would have been for that man to turn his back on a meal and what an inspiration to all of us this lent!

Thank you for the enjoyable column and keep on writing!

Anja Wagner

Warriors Mark



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