Attorney Amy Webster

Amy Webster

Local business owner, attorney, and real estate broker, Amy Webster, is declaring her candidacy as a Republican for the office of Blair County Commissioner at a press conference to be held Monday, February 11 at 10 a.m. at her real estate office located at 1111 in Hollidaysburg. Attorney Webster will discuss how she will utilize the office of commissioner to provide tax relief and address the many issues that have resulted from the recent real estate tax reassessment process.

“I fought for many folks in the tax appeals process and helped many others who were unable to hire an attorney. I see many inequities from the reassessment and understand ways to eliminate those problems. My unique expertise as an attorney and a real estate broker gives me the experience and knowledge necessary to provide relief to taxpayers.”

Attorney Webster is a member of the Blair County Republican Committee. Her goals in seeking a seat as a Commissioner are to provide real estate tax relief and to attract business to promote growth for Blair County.

“As an attorney and business owner involved in community organizations, I have seen a decline in the county, particularly in economic and social issues. We don’t attract business and industry that can support families, so we lose our investment in educating and training our children and grandchildren, who go elsewhere for their careers. We have a cycle of addiction, poverty, and crime that keeps growing, despite the efforts of our police and prosecutors to get violators off the streets, and the efforts of social agencies to provide services to provide opportunities to people caught in the cycle. We have increased demands upon the county budget to finance the growing county government and unfunded mandates but lack the financial resources to meet all these demands.”

Attorney Webster had served on the Hollidaysburg Borough Council, and is experienced with legislation, state mandates, budgets, and working with groups to address the problems that all municipal and county governments are facing currently.

“I recognize that these problems exist throughout our nation, but my goal is to get Blair County back on a positive track”, she said.

According to former Republican Committee member Ken Snyder, “Reassessment has left a very bitter taste in the mouths of Blair County home owners. Amy has been a champion in helping taxpayers with reassessment issues while our County Commissioners have been hiding. I like her and so does anyone who knows her. We need a Commissioner who can be trusted in the chambers as much as on the speaker floor.”

According to Blair County citizen Barry Ickes, “The tax assessment is killing property owners. As a business owner, attorney, mother and property owner, Amy understands the tragic situation our current leaders have put us in and has the necessary qualifications and desire to help Blair County taxpayers.”

Attorney Webster did her undergraduate studies at Penn State and graduated from Duquesne University School of Law with a Juris doctorate degree. She has two adult children, David and Lindsay, and is a member of the Christ Community Church.



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