Check presentation at local library

Representative Jim Gregory present a grant check in the amount of $3,000 to Jennifer Powell, director at the Tyrone-Snyder Public Library.

The Tyrone-Snyder Public Library has been very busy in the last several weeks due, in part, to the efforts of Jennifer Powell, library director.

Several weeks ago the library accepted a $5,000 grant for an energy consultant evaluation audit. The audit is now underway and the results of the audit will afford the local library numerous suggestions as to how to save money and significantly reduce costs on utilities as a whole.

This audit grant was followed up with the announcement of another successful grant application. Tuesday morning, State Representative Jim Gregory and Justin Shuey, associate representative of Pennsylvania Skills Game Charity, came to the local library to present Powell with another grant check that she had worked on and had submitted for consideration. This grant that was awarded at the library Tuesday was for a total amount of $3,000.

According to Shuey, ”We work with non-profit Pennsylvania organizations in order to provide money to be spent on projects that will benefit the people of Pennsylvania.”

Rep. Gregory said, ”This is an opportunity to bring money in for Blair County. This also helps me to fulfill one of my campaign promises that I had made during the election process. That promise was to bring dollars in order to benefit organizations that are located here within Blair County.

“These dollars can help to make the library more of a destination and a resource for younger people so they cannot forget the importance of a library. I wish to thank this giving foundation for recognition of libraries and their economic struggles that they are continuously being faced with. It is so apparent that libraries care about the people in their communities.”

Gregory continued, “I would like to take a minute to recognize that libraries are also working hard to fund raise as it is a real struggle.”

The members of the board of directors of the Tyrone-Snyder Public Library understands every municipality and school district has their own budgetary challenges and really cannot be expected to continue to provide additional funding sources over what has been budgeted or provided for that fiscal year. Therefore, there is a real emphasis placed on the library becoming a proactive source of additional revenue sources and providing something of quality in return for for those that support these events.

Powell said, “Libraries still need the support that they are receiving from municipalities and school districts, however libraries need to take an active role and part in going out and working successful fundraisers that are going to help and also continuously be looking for grant opportunities.”

Powell added, “It is important to get into the community to see what the needs are of the community and then address those needs. This is exactly what we did prior to applying for the most recent grant that we were awarded here this morning. The library needs to be an important asset to their communities.

“This is exactly why we applied for this grant of $3,000. The community indicated that in the hot summer months the library needed to have a water fountain with bottle filler. There really was nothing in the downtown area along those lines for the kids to use. That is how we can identify the needs of the community and go out and work to meet those needs,” Powell concluded.

The library will be installing the water fountain with bottle filler to provide the children that visit the library with water during those hot summer months. This can also provide the library a manner in which to teach the younger visitors to the library lessons in recycling at the same time.

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