A Penn State professor and long-time Warriors Mark resident will join his comrade for a talk about music at the Foster Auditorium at Paterno Library at Penn State on November 1.

Jerry Zolten, now of State College, and Robert Crum will host the free public session of “Chimpin’ the Blues” from 5 to 6:30 p.m. that day. WPSU Blues show host Max Spiegel will spin the duo’s favorite rare 78 rpm records with “big sound,” said Zolten. Label images will be projected on a screen, and in between tunes, Zolten and Crum will talk about the music, the artists, and other topics that arise.

Educator and music historian, Zolten is a collector of 78 rpm recordings of the music of “weird old America.” In 2003, he joined Crum in WPSU’s studio to record a one-hour program of “Chimpin’ the Blues” — named as such as the two “chatter and nit-pick like chimpanzees,” they say. During the show, they played favorite rarities on record, and discussed the music and musicians.

Zolten has taught as an assistant professor of communication arts and American studies at Penn State — Altoona. He is a music promoter and record producer, producing for Fairfield Four and Isaac Freeman and the Bluebloods, and has contributed music reviews and articles to a variety of publications.

Crum is the founding father of Underground Comics, the creator of Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural and the well-known “Keep on Trucking’” logo seen on mud flaps everywhere. He is also a collector of rare blues, jazz and hillbilly phonograph recordings prior to 1936.

Zolten shared that Crum does very few live appearances, but he will be traveling to the United States from France for a large event at Columbia University in New York City. During his trip, he will make his stop at Penn State for this event.

The duo will replicate their “Chimpin’” session for the first time ever in person for one-of-a-kind public entertainment at the Penn State campus and looks forward to seeing a nice crowd — including the support of locals. Many of their followers and friends have shared excitement and look forward to the unique event.

Adeena Harbst can be reached at aharbst@thedailyherald.net.


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