Jamie Levinson, a local native, was recently named general manager of the Northern Blair County Recreation Center in Tipton. He looks forward to serving the community in his new role, after several years of employment with the Center.

The Board of Directors of the Northern Blair County Recreation Commission has announced the hiring of a general manager for the Rec Center, {span}4080 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd.,{/span} in Tipton.

Jamie Levinson, a local native and former Tyrone Area High School basketball player, was selected to serve in the position, assuming his duties on January 6.

“As an employee at the club beginning in 2011, Levinson possesses a thorough understanding of the Center’s operations and its member-focused initiatives,” the directors shared in a press release this week. “He will manage all scheduling, daily assignments, and work alongside the individuals coordinating the various leagues and offerings at the Rec Center.”

Levinson will also be responsible for the overall planning and implementation of activities at the Center, the surrounding ball fields, and at adjunct facilities in the area. He will also be active within the committee that continues to explore funding possibilities for future growth within the Northern Blair County Recreation Center.

“Being recently named general manager at the Rec Center is truly an honor for me,” said Levinson. “I have had great mentors over my years here that have given me the confidence and capabilities to work with the Board of Directors and lead my team.

“My goal for the NBCRC is to continue to improve in every aspect to serve our community as best as possible. Giving back has always been a top priority of ours and I feel the facility and the surrounding ground has so much potential that has yet to be tapped into. I look forward to working with the employees, members, and community on a day-to-day basis to utilize that potential.”

“We are most excited to have [Levinson] lead our team and invite the community to join us in welcoming him to his new responsibilities,” the directors said. Levinson will assist in NBCRC’s mission towards “enriching our Tyrone, Tipton and Bellwood communities through fitness, sport and special Recreation Center events for families.”

“The NBCRC is truly a place I take pride in and I look forward to the work ahead,” Levinson stated.

Adeena Harbst can be reached at aharbst@thedailyherald.net.


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