Tyrone Area FFA students

Tyrone Area FFA students had a successful experience at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg this week.

At the 103rd PA Farm Show this week, 19 Tyrone Area High School agricultural students competed in the Pennsylvania State FFA AgriScience Competition. Their topics varied from social systems to animal science and the environment. There were a total of 128 FFA members who submitted 95 scientific displays with written reports in eight divisions and 22 grade and team/individual categories.

“Dairy farmers invest a lot of money into the production of milk, but have a very little return from the sale of milk products. I was shocked on how much money dairy farmers spend on nitrile rubber gloves for the purpose of providing sanitation while milking,” shared Travis Yazzie, senior member. He conducted a study on the strength of nitril gloves in different temperatures.

“I’m very proud of our students and what they accomplished since September. The competition is very tough and I am elated to have four selected for first places in the state,” commented Tiffany Hoy, Tyrone Area FFA advisor.

Any first place individuals or teams in AgriScience will be given the opportunity to submit their written reports to the National FFA AgriScience board in June. Only the top 12 in each category and division are selected to present at the National FFA Convention in October.

Results for Tyrone Area FFA Chapter:

Food Products and Processing Systems

9th-10th grades

Garin Hoy — 1st

Jillian Williams — 4th

Travis Hunter — 6th

Abe Black — 7th

Plant Systems

9th-10th grades

Kaylee Updike — 4th

Lyndsey Fleck — 5th

11th-12th grades

Gracey Walk — 2nd

Animal Systems

9th-10th grades

Kaila Moon — 6th

Grace Peterson — 8th

11th-12th grades team

MaKenna LaRosa & Jacey Whitcomb — 1st

Power, Structural & Technical Systems

9th-10th grades

Wade Hendrickson — 2nd

Alyssa Luciano — 3rd

11th-12th grades

Travis Yazzie — 4th

Environmental and Natural Resources System

9th-10th grades

Karly Diebold — 1st

11th-12th grades

Guy Williams — 4th

Logan Johnston — 7th

Social Systems

11th-12th grades

Haylee Blowers — 1st

Reilly Ronan — 2nd

In 1860, the average US farmer could feed about 15 people per year. Today, it’s 168. This is not just by chance, but by agriculturalists being great scientists and detectives. All agricultural education students at Tyrone Area High School are given the opportunity to develop and conduct an agriculture research project. By encouraging students to find real-world problems and try to resolve them through sound research is creating future agriculturalists.

In February the posters and boards will be on display in the CTE wing of the school as part of our National FFA Week Celebrations,” added Hoy.



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