Blair County Commissioners with Peggy Fields

Pictured is longtime Fort Roberdeau volunteer Peggy Fields with Blair County Commissioners (from left) Ted Beam Jr., Bruce Erb and Terry Tomassetti.

Peggy Fields, who retired from the Fort Roberdeau Association board of directors, was recognized this week by the Blair County commissioners for her 38 years of service on this county advisory board that provides guidance and support for the Fort’s preservation and educational mission.

Fields has been a volunteer at the Fort for 40 years. She plans to continue volunteering as she is able for school tours and events, as she has been doing since 1978. Fields will turn 90 January 14.

In the proclamation by Commissions presented at this week’s meeting, Fields was described as an educator and mentor who shares her knowledge and expertise with the public, students and other guides, nurturing volunteers interested in becoming living history interpreters of period nothing, hearth cooking, colonial food, 18th century dining, frontier life and artifacts.

Among her many accomplishments over the years, Fields inspired Distaff Days: A Woman’s Frontier Skills Weekend, first held at the Fort in 2016. The program demonstrated how men and women worked together on the frontier and showed the frontier woman’s everyday work.

In addition, Fields directed the development of the colonial period wardrobe for events at the Fort. From the proclamation, “Peggy’s volunteer efforts as a mentor an educator have been an integral part of the success of the Fort Roberdeau Historic Site for four decades, almost since the Fort’s dedication and grand opening in 1976.”

The Board of Commissioners recognized Fields for her many years of service and also congratulated her on her retirement.

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