May 21 was election day and the voter turnout in Tyrone left something to be desired. As the poles closed last night, the ballots were tallied and the numbers were not what some had hoped to see. Bill Latchford, Mayor of Tyrone said that, “the turnout was low.” The Mayor continued to express his disappointment, telling The Daily Herald, “there were so many important votes, I was hoping for a better turnout.”

Latchford went on to explain that he voted around 7:30 p.m. at Christian Alliance Church on the corner of Adams Ave. and 21 St., but was only voter number 109. Despite the low numbers, Tyrone area residents can still expect a few shakeups that will make November’s general elections interesting.

With the highest number of votes cast, the Tyrone Area School Board elections were the most active of the three major elections in the Tyrone area. On the Republican ballot, Jeffery Long, won the most votes with 746 reportedly being cast in his favor. After learning about his victory, Long told The Daily Herald, “I look forward to doing my part to serve the community.” Long continued, “My [40] years of business experience can be an asset to the board.”

There are a total of five seats available on the school board and the Republican ticket was rounded out with four other potential board members. Randy L. Miles, Sr., obtained 682 votes. Following Miles, James Raabe won 604 votes, Mollie Kay Baksheshe won 592, and William D Lash, who received 546 votes.

On the Democratic ballot, Randy L. Miles and James Raabe registered to run in both parties and received 180 and 174 votes each. As there were only two candidates who ran as a Democrat, both will advance to the November election.

The Tyrone Borough Council primary saw the highest turnover rate of all the elections, with current board members Thadeus Grahm and Charles B. Mills coming up short with 221 and 227 votes respectively. Advancing beyond them, with 298 Votes, Kenneth E. Patterson II managed to win the most votes. Robert B. Dollar Sr. was close behind, winning 290 votes. William F. Wiser III was third with 264 votes, and Shirley A. Dawson was fourth, winning 230 votes. On the Democratic bill, Jarod A. Sather was the only candidate to run and successfully moved on to the primary with 116 votes.

There was one supervisor seat open on the Snyder Township board and Robert W. Nelson beat out Melvin Light by a narrow margin. Nelson received 172 votes while Light came up just short with 165. No Democrats ran on the ballot.

A supervisor position on the Warriors Mark Township board was also up for grabs and Peter C. Liese received 133 votes, beating Mark E. Brown, who received 95.

Based on the results, Latchford commented, “The November run will be an actual race.” Latcford also added that he would like to congratulate all the winners on both sides of the ballot.

This year, the general elections will be held on November 5.

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