Arrows Christian Academy

Arrows Christian Academy at Center City Church, Altoona.

A Christian school with Tyrone ties is opening this year in Altoona at the Center City Church. Theron and Mizpah Glenny and CC Church Pastors Jim and Jessica Kilmartin, formerly of Tyrone, are leading Arrows Christian Academy as an alternative form of education for children in grades pre-k through eight. An open house will be held this evening between 6 and 8 p.m. at the school, located at the Center City Church, 1220 12th Ave., Altoona. A second open house will be held August 10. These evenings will include information sharing as well as classroom tours.

The Glennys told The Daily Herald, “People are really excited about the school, the course offerings, the positive environment and the culture that is forming with families.

“The school will be under the umbrella of Center City Church in partnership with Joshua House. After-school programs will be run by Joshua House.”

Jessica Kilmartin is the head of the school and Mizpah Glenny is the director, overseeing the day-to-day operations and developing the culture with teachers and students. Theron Glenny handles all the marketing and public relations and will be teaching some of the electives revolving around entrepreneurship. Jim Kilmartin is also involved as a member of the school board.

Arrows Christian Academy focuses on three core pillars: Biblical Foundation, Educational Excellence and Entrepreneurial Environment. The school was given its name based on the bible verse Psalm 127:4, “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth.”

In an informational video on social media, the Glennys stressed that they would like to help parents to understand “that their children are gifts, and that their children are arrows that they have the privilege and honor to launch.”

Theron Glenny said, “A biblical foundation is super important. And the reason why it’s so important is that we [parents] want the scripture, God’s Word, inside of our kids’ hearts at a young age.” Glenny explained that as kids get older, there are challenges and trials that aren’t always easy.

With regards to educational excellence, Mizpah Glenny added, “We have a strong curriculum that has excellent standards, as far as math and ELA, and we have teachers that want to challenge our kids to learn — to love to learn.”

As well as a strong curriculum in math and ELA (English language arts), the school also offers science, history, and much more, including electives such as home economics, shop classes, film making, adventure skills, and junior mechanics.

With regards to the entrepreneurial component of the school, Theron Glenny said, “There are real problems with the world. We want the kids, our students to learn to be initiators and creators, people that see problems; but they also come up with solutions to fix those problems in society.”

According to the ACA website, “At Arrows Christian Academy we uphold high academic standards, but our ultimate purpose for ACA is to be a training ground where students are equipped to live out their God-given purpose to change the world. Our staff’s desire is to guide children into knowing who they are in Christ based on what God’s Word says about them, so they’ll be ready to carry out all that God has called them to do. Here, students will journey on the ‘Path to Purpose’ where they will be trained in practical, innovative, and relational skills for use in everyday life, so that their impact on the world is meaningful and lasting.”

Enrollment is open, but the new school is filling up fast. There are still openings in the pre-k programs and 18 spots left for those in kindergarten through eighth grade.

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