At Monday’s Tyrone Borough Council Meeting, the borough code and parking enforcement officer, Marvin Frazell, presented council with his code enforcement report for August, 2019. In the report, Frazell outlined permits, code violations, complaint’s for code violations, pending violations, citations resulting from violations, and a unique project that was given special emphasis.

Frazell opened his remarks by ensuring that each council member had received a copy of his report, then quickly launched into the projects section of the report. The code enforcement officer explained to council, “The proposed project at 908 W. 16 St. Ext., in which the construction of a new home that is supposed to be built.”

Frazell continued, highlighting the unique nature of this proposed building, “We don’t see a lot of new construction, so this is kind of a thing. I want to make this all contingent on the idea that we are going to get approvals from all the recommended parties. Upon that, I would like to ask for the approval of council to enable this couple to continue with their construction.”

Councilmen Terry Richardson, interjected at this point, asking Frazell, “Where is this property at?” to which he received the reply, “Up on the hill.” The home is proposed for corner of W. 16 St. and Madison Ave., near the vicinity of Hillside Ct.

The property is planned to be built higher on the hill to avoid the runoff issues many homes are facing as of late. Frazell told council, “What this is going to do is going to eliminate the runoff from the neighboring properties down below, to an extent. There is still going to be some water, it has to go somewhere, but this really minimizes the damage they’ll have because of this.”

Richardson voiced concern for the project, telling council and those in attendance, “I thought, and maybe I’m wrong, there were no new homes supposed to be built in the borough limits.”

David Snyder, another borough councilmen, supported his colleague by adding, “I’ve heard that too.” After a short exchange with Richardson, Snyder asked the borough solicitor, Daniel Stants, if such an ordinance existed. As the conversations began to overlap, Stants exact response was lost in the discourse, but the solicitor did manage to convey the idea that no such ordinance is in effect.

At the end of the discussion, Richardson proclaimed his support for the project, explaining, “If there’s no ordinance, I have no problem with it.”

Frazell then addressed the council as a whole, explaining, “I’m just looking for approval based on these contingencies.”

From this point, Mayor William Latchford called for a vote to approve the project. The vote came back unanimous, with all of the council members supporting the new construction project. Before the vote was cast, solicitor Stants was careful to add that the vote is, “Contingent on prior approvals.”

The rest of the code enforcement report explained that 33 permits were issued during July, and those permits resulted in an estimated project cost of $85,183.23, bringing in an estimated revenue to the borough in the amount of $781.00. According to the report, there is still 1 permit pending and awaiting fees to be assessed.

Under current property maintenance code violations, ten properties were notified of current property maintenance code violations. These properties include: 1257 Logan Ave., 5015 W. 16 St., 1513 Pennsylvania Ave., 317 W. 18 St., 602 W. 18 St. 735 W. 15 St., 404 W. 16 St., 509 W. 18 St., 521 Park Ave., and 2209 Adams Ave. Of these violations, over half are for grass, weed, shrub, and tree violations. Other violations include two cat nuisance violations and a roof violation.

Eighteen properties are in different stages of pending property maintenance code violations. These properties include 2111 Lincoln Ave., 565 Washington Ave., 1054 Blair Ave., 1112 Washington Ave., 766 Washington Ave., 613 W. 15 St., 515 W. 20 St., 1253 Washington Ave., 822-24 Washington Ave., 768 Washinton Ave., 1564 Logan Ave., 1319 Cameron Ave., 1364 Lincoln Ave., 208 W. 10 St., 14 S. Lincoln Ave., 1268-70 LIncoln Ave., 12. S. Lincoln Ave, and 1310 Blair Ave. While many of the pending violations are centered around grass, weed, shrub, and tree maintenance, other violations include a lack of building permits, roof violations, as well as several instances of rubbish violations.

Violations resulting in citations include the 1562 Logan Ave. address, which received its demolition order in January 2018. The report indicates that the property has been sold to a new party and the demo order is to be forwarded.

Citations were also filed for 1315 Pennsylvania Ave., 2257 Columnbia Ave., and 924 S. Logan Ave. These citations are the result of violations that have had no progress to date.

At the end of the report, several violations are listed for failing to adhere to city ordinances. For non payment of the municipal hauler, 1364 Pennsylvania Ave., 474 Park Ave., 1107 Burley Ave., and 1918 Columbia Ave. are all listed as violations. For failure to adhere to the yard sale sign ordinance, 413 Garfield St., 2526 Edgewood Drive, and 520 4 St. Rear are all listed.

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