Tyrone Area FFA

This brightly-lit tractor trailer carried Tyrone Area FFA members, local 4-H members and more down the Tyrone Christmas parade route Friday.

The excitement of the holidays was seen on the streets of Tyrone Borough on the evening of November 30. In the mix of the Christmas cheer, one could see members of the Tyrone Area FFA Chapter, as the truck sounded the horn and students tossed treats to children lining the streets.

The members as well as their friends rode through Tyrone Borough in the annual Yuletide parade. Thanks to Donnie Peterson and family, the chapter was able to get an 18 wheeler with a flatbed to use for the float. The freshmen FFA committee organized the ride, decorations, student signups and food for the interactive event.

The front of the truck sported lights of every color and large “FFA” letters. Candy canes and more lights ran the length of the trailer while FFA members, family and friends sat hip-to-hip, filling the bales of straw used for seating. The chapter also invited the Warriors Mark and Spirit of the Horse 4-H groups to join in on the fun of the evening.

“Even though I am not associated with FFA, it was great to be able to join the fun. They welcomed me and I had a lot of fun,” said Angela Mallon.

Even though the event may not seem like much, this gave the FFA members a chance to reconnect with those who had left the chapter due to graduation last year, and current members that have not met before or that are freshman.

“Singing country roads with my ‘FFAmily’ brought me great joy and accomplishment,” said Guy Williams, senior member. This seems to be a song which has united the group. No matter where the roads take them, the country roads will always take them home to the Tyrone Area FFA Chapter at the high school.

“Each year I amazed at how a simple gesture of having a float can bring not only great joy to those standing along the parade route, but unite the students who are riding on the float. There is something magical about singing songs, sharing stories, and bringing holiday cheer. It seems to enrich the FFAmily and bring students closer,” added Tiffany Hoy, Tyrone Area FFA Chapter advisor.

This is just one example of how student FFA committees are empowering members to meet the chapter’s mission, which includes all types of students who believe that the chapter is student built, student driven, and student owned.



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