Tyrone Community Players

Preparing a show isn’t always just learning lines, how and where to move and what your character needs to portray. In The Tyrone Community Players’ production “It’s a Wonderful Life — A Live Radio Play” — to take the stage on Friday and Saturday, November 15 and 16 — they must also learn to make all the sound effects live, just as they did in the original 1940’s productions.

Theater audiences are a lot like ice cream lovers! Some know what they like and will always go for the same kind, while others are a bit more adventurous and likely to try new flavors. This fall, the Tyrone Community Players is gearing to present a beloved Christmas classic with a twist! The company’s upcoming fall production is “It’s A Wonderful Life — The Live Radio Play.”

Patterned after a 1940-era live radio show, the story is told by seven talented actors.

George Bailey is brought to life through the acting skills of TCP favorite Patrick Rice. Move over, Jimmy Stewart! Patrick captures George’s trials and tribulations and brings warmth and reality to the role. Joanna Ruhl, a welcome new addition to TCP, shares her skills portraying George’s loving wife, Mary. The rest of the cast is comprised of TCP regulars and the company is thrilled to welcome another new face, Ms. Greta Halbritter. Along with Nathan Pownall, Don Lindsey, Alice Mulholland, and Julie Knepp, Halbritter tackles multiple roles. These five performers portray the varying voices of a total of 45 characters!

“It’s A Wonderful Life” throws the audience back to the bygone era of live radio shows. Studio audiences watched as actors did vocal portrayals and awakened the imaginations of both those watching and others gathered listening as they huddled around their home radio.

A key element of the production is partnering the actors with the use of extensive sound effects. The players have tackled this aspect with gusto under the guidance of their long-time sound technician Gilbert Lucas! Actors and radio show stage manager(portrayed by Nancy Sloss) perform the sounds on stage. Corn flakes crunch, water sloshes, doors slam and trash cans roll — all helping the audience enjoy the story that has captured their hearts for years!

The Tyrone Community Players encourage you to try a new “flavor” of theater! Come experience TCP’s “It’s A Wonderful Life” on Friday and Saturday November 15 and 16 at 7:30 p.m. Please see the ad in today’s edition of The Daily Herald for more information.


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