Huntingdon State Police report an incident of harassment physical contact occurred on June 8, at 10:53 a.m. along Reese Road in Warriors Mark Township. Two individuals engaged in a verbal altercation, which turned physical. Both individuals, a male, 31, from Warriors Mark, and a female, 30, from Warriors Mark, will be cited for harassment through MDJ 20-3-01.

Huntingdon State Police report a crash occurred on June 9, at 5:28 p.m. on Shaner Blvd. in Smithfield Township. A vehicle operated by Steven J. Vangrouw, 53, of Cresco, Pennsylvania, was exciting a gas pump from Sheetz after filling the vehicle with gas. Vangrouw attempted to make a left hand turn and maneuver around the gas pump when the vehicle struck the gas pump, causing damage to both the vehicle and the gas pump. Vangrouw left the Sheetz store without providing information regarding the incident. Vangrouw was cited for accidents involving damage to unattended vehicle or property.

Huntingdon State Police report a crash occurred on June 4, at 12:45 a.m. along William Penn Highway West of S. 10th Street. The vehicle, operated by an unnamed 18-year-old male, was traveling East in the eastbound lane of travel on SR 22. The operator fell asleep at the wheel, causing the vehicle to cross the opposing lane of travel and strike a guide rail on the North berm of SR 22. The vehicle rotated slightly counter-clockwise and came to rest facing North in the westbound lane. This was the final resting place of the vehicle. The operator will be cited for careless driving. There were no injuries reported.


Logan Township Police report a domestic incident occurred on June 13, at 5:18 a.m. along Sterling Street in Altoona. Police were dispatched to a domestic at the Motel 6. Officers arrived on scene and could hear a female that appeared to be in distress inside the room. Officers then made contact with the male inside the room, who was there identified as Depress A. McCall, of Johnstown. Through further investigation, the female , who is four months pregnant, had noticeable physical injuries on her person on various parts off her body, including multiple lacerations to the left side of her belly, causing blood to soak through her shirt. The victim was assaulted and strangled for approximately 20 seconds by McCall, impeding her ability to breath. When the victim attempted to escape and yell for help, McCall reportedly grabbed the victim by the shirt and threw her down on the ground. McCall was taken into custody and is being charged with the following offenses; aggravated assault-felony grade; aggravated assault to an unborn child, felony grade; strangulation, felony grade; simple assault, misdemeanor grade; and a summary charge of harassment. McCall was arranged and bail was set at $75,000 straight cash.

Logan Township Police report crash occurred on June 12, at 9:49 a.m. along East Pleasant Valley Blvd., north of Bud Circle. A vehicle, operated by Margaret A. Dodson, 83, of Altoona, was stopped at the signal light when she was struck from behind by a vehicle operated by Herman E. Lardier, III, 47, of Altoona. Lardier, III, was cited for driving vehicle at safe speed and careless driving-general.



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