State Police at Hollidaysburg are looking for any information that the general public may have that may be able to assist them in their investigation into a theft that occurred between April 3 and April 4 along Tipton Road in Antis Township. The victim in this theft was Casey Weight Logging of Everett, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania State Police at Hollidaysburg are investigating an incident of theft by unlawful taking that occurred located near the Altoona City Water Authority Tipton Water Treatment Facility building by the Tipton reservoir.

According to information provided by State Police the incident occurred as the actor(s) arrived at the scene by driving around a locked gate which secures the entrance to the water treatment facility property. Once the actor(s) gained access to the property they entered into an unlocked, enclosed 16-foot utility trailer and removed the following three chain saws: a Johnson Red, model 2172, that was red and black in color with an orange Husqvarna gas tank and 20-inch bar. A 372 XP Husqvarna with black tape on the handle and a 20-inch bar and a 390 XP Husqvarna with an Eastern Logging sticker and missing the throttle lock cover.

In addition, the suspect(s) also removed the following tools and chain saw chains: there Oregon brand, Bucksaw chains with 90 drive links, 11 Oregon brand 20-inch saw chains. A Harbor Freight brand three-quarter-inch drive,a socket set with breaker bar contained in a gray plastic case with orange paint on it. A Dewalt brand 20 volt grease gun contained in a black plastic case. Craftsman brand tool set, a half-inch drive and 3/8-inch drive contained in a black plastic case.

Also stolen was a Craftsman brand 2 3/8-inch socket set, metric and standard, a Craftsman brand half-inch deep well socket set, two Craftsman brand 3/8” drive ratchets. A Stanley brand quarter drive socket set. A Pittsburgh tools brand punch and chisel set.

The Pennsylvania State Police at Hollidaysburg are requesting any information that the general public may have as to this incident to contact Trooper Moyer. This could be information that may have been observed in the area of the theft or any information concerning the whereabouts of the items listed above or reports of individuals possibly attempting to sell any items that are matching those described in the list above.

Anyone with any information or tips concerning this theft can contact Trooper Moyer by calling PSP Hollidaysburg at (814) 696-6100.

Chuck Banas can be reached at


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