The CDC has released COVID-related guidelines for going to the pool this summer including increased hygiene efforts and using a face covering when feasible, such as when physical distancing is difficult. Swimming areas are to use signs and share messages about how to help stop the spread of the virus.

Venues will need to clean and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces often. Many venues will need to modify layouts, and use barriers and guides to help maintain proper distancing. 

Locally, it is still unclear whether or not the Tyrone Community Pool will open for the summer - or at least, when it will open. 

"A few things need worked out. I am crossing fingers that it will be soon," said Mayor Bill Latchford. "We have to address all restrictions."

It is believed the pool facility will be able to open once Blair County moves into the green phase of reopening from the COVID-19 shutdown. "I believe all is looking pretty good. We will know more at the June council meeting," said Latchford.

Clarification will also be coming about use of basketball and other park facilities, and the pavilions at Reservoir Park, Tyrone Borough. 

"We are working to get it open soon," Latchford said regarding the park and pavilions. "We have to abide by guidance from the CDC."

And though, according to revised and expanded information from the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society released on Saturday for recreation and park facility reopening guidelines that says basketball and volleyball are permitting in the green phase, Latchford said the Borough is verifying details of the restrictions at this time. 

The new Recreation and Park Society information, which is established with state and national guidance, says both sports can occur with gatherings not over 90 people. 

A list of guidelines reflect that sportsmanship will need to occur in a touches manner, and additional benches, chairs or other equipment may be added for substitutes to encourage physical distancing. Sanitation and hygiene efforts are necessary, among other guidance.

Also, according to the Recreation and Park Society, pools can open in the green phase within group gathering guidelines and individual physical distancing. No food is permitted in any facility at any time. Beverages are to be allowed if they are brought by the patron. 

Playgrounds should also be permitted to open in the green phase, with physical distancing and encouraged sanitation.

Additional information is expected to be available from the Borough regarding local facilities after the June 8 council meeting. 

Isett Community Pool in Huntingdon announced its planned opening on June 6, a few days later than the typical opening day on Memorial Day. Locals are hoping for a similar announcement in Tyrone. 

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