Board president and school superintendent discuss issues

Left Bellwood-Antis School Board president Robert Fisher and superintendent Dr. Thomas McInroy share some last minute thoughts prior to Tuesday evening’s school board meeting.

After finalizing what was described as a required tax increase to keep current programs, the Bellwood-Antis School Board members set out to finalize the business of the school district as the 2018-2019 school year is winding down.

Two items were approved under the heading of extra curricular activities. Members approved Susan Nycum and Travis Martin to take students to a day at The Challenger Learning Center at Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, West Virginia. The cost involved will be $180 to the district.

Also approved for out of state travel was Sally Padula and Alyssa Cunningham to accompany four students to the NCFL Speech and Student Congress National Competition, held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The only cost to the school district will be the motor coach transportation. This cost will be shared with another school district. All other costs involved with the trip will be provided through fundraising.

Under building and grounds, there were four items that resulted in needed approvals as there was costs associated that the school district would need to pay. All three were approved. The first was a quote from DeGol Carpet to furnish and install new rubber stair treads in the high school gym lobby. The cost was in the amount of $4,863. The second was to purchase a power washer at a cost of $2,700. The third item was to approve a $2,500 payment to Gartland Turf for maintenance on the football field.

The fourth item that was approved was a quote from CS&E for the controls project foe the middle school/high school in the amount of $315,000. This amount represented a deduction of $18,000 from the original quote. The approval came after several minutes of discussion by school administrators, concluding this would be the best way to proceed. It would make the district much more efficient and provide the opportunities to expand on the system. Without the system they could not add additional services to the high school in the future. “This system will really enhance our capabilities,” Tom Kovac, facilities director, said.

Under curriculum, Kathy Burch, chairperson, requested that the list of accredited seniors as presented by the administration be approved for graduation with the stipulation being that all requirements are met. Approval was granted.

Also presented and approved was a coordination of care agreement with CenClear, for Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol services as needed. This will be a two year agreement for the district. Also along these lines, a letter of agreement between between the district and The Meadows Psychiatric Center for educational services for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years at a total of $67 per day.

Robert Fisher, board president, also shared with the board members that this year 40 seniors received over $66,000 in scholarships. “This speaks volumes of the quality of our students and also the community support that is provided to the district in these scholarship,” Fisher said.

The last announcement was made by Dr. Thomas McInroy, superintendent, who requested a board executive session immediately following the conclusion of the regular board meeting in order to discuss personnel matters.

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