Snyder Township Supervisors met this week and heard comments from visitors, including a complaint about pulling in or out at Rossman Road at Old Route 220 in Grazierville.

Rossman Road resident, Jesse Barndt, said, “When Ames [store] was there, I think it was a requirement the Township had that the first entrance by the stop sign was one-way going into the parking lot, and the other was a way out. A lot of times when you are coming up there, people pull right down out of that parking lot and block that intersection.

“Someone is going to get hit.”

Supervisor James Burket said he knows there is a stop sign there, but many people don’t stop. “I think at the time when that all went in as Ames department store that there was a road study done and that is why it was made up at that time. I don’t know if that still stands as it is. It is something we would have to check into to see,” he said.

Barndt said it is a dangerous situation and Burket agreed. He suggested the board will check in with Solicitor David Pertile for help regarding the situation. Currently, the road passes by Unlimited Cycle Center and gets regular traffic into the parking lot.

“It is still a business; not as much traffic as with Ames, but it is still a dangerous situation,” said Barndt.

Later in the meeting, supervisors unanimously approved granting a waiver to Sandy Ridge Wind 2, LLC from setback requirements set forth in Township Ordinance 2008-2 for the proposed Sandy Ridge Wind Farm II. The setback would be the “same as last time” that windmills were erected, supervisors said during brief discussion.

A representative for the windmill farm said the new mills will be higher in height — double the size — than the ones currently in place at Sandy Ridge, but also that they will be more efficient with “less turbines, more power.” The Township, by ordinance, expects to receive “so much” for kilowatt hour that is generated by the mills. The amount received should be “a little more than double what we get now,” said Supervisor James Kost.

Additionally, supervisors agreed to set the date and time of their budget meeting to November 18 at 8 a.m. They also agreed to adopt Ordinance 2019-3 for 911 street addressing which is regarding developments that have all addresses posted in one place such as at an entrance.

The Board of Supervisors generally meets the first Monday of each month at the Township Building at South Eagle Valley Road.

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