Snyder Township Supervisors on Monday adopted Ordinance 2019-4 regarding tree removal in the township, and further discussed a request for more funding for the Bald Eagle Fire Company.

“We were discussing a situation in the township, the origin of this ordinance, involving a tree that I believe fell many years ago and has resulted in a lot of problems stemming from that,” said Solicitor Dave Pertile regarding the new ordinance.

In November, supervisors discussed the paving of a portion of the road on the Tyrone Hospital campus. Roadmaster Brad Confer was concerned with a couple of the trees along the road, and that there could be problems with the roots of the trees in the future.

Pertile said although he is not sure if the ordinance will help in that particular situation, “more likely than not, it will provide some remedy if this situation occurs in the future,” and given the nature of the township, it is likely that it may.

“If trees should fall or be cut on a property and that results in a dangerous situation to the right-of-way, it gives us a way to first require the property owners to remove the tree, and failing that, it gives the Township the right to go onto private property for the specific purpose of preserving the right-of-way,” Pertile explained.

Supervisor James Burket made a motion to adopt the ordinance, and it was seconded by Supervisor Robert Nelson and agreed to by all supervisors.

The other main point of discussion during Monday’s brief public meeting was requested funding for the Bald Eagle Fire Company. In November, Fire Chief Bradley Oswalt asked that the board try to increase its donation as it has been 13 years since they have.

Burket briefly talked about fire companies that are merging, and the struggle fire companies all over the state and nation are having to find funding.

“It’s a lot to think about,” he said, noting that the Township’s funds paid to Tyrone fire companies have jumped greatly for service. He suggested the Township can provide guidance to the fire company on raising funds. “I think there are many ways they could maybe help themselves a bit,” he said. Nelson agreed.

Supervisors plan to ask that the Bald Eagle Fire Company’s chief, president, and treasurer attend the upcoming budget meeting and/or the January supervisors’ meeting to discuss the matter further.

“They at least need to show us something — a business plan — of what they are going to try to do to achieve the goal they want to achieve, instead of just asking for money,” said Burket.

Rounding out this month’s meeting, supervisors established a date and time for the budget meeting for December 9 at 8 a.m. They mentioned that no bids were received for a 1999 Ford F150, and they will further look into calling a salvage yard to take care of disposal of the truck. The meeting was adjourned and supervisors entered into an executive session for possible litigation.

Supervisors meet the first Monday each month at 7 p.m. at the Snyder Township Municipal Building.

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