Michele Miller address Tyrone Borough Council

Former crossing guard Michele Miller celebrated the passing of the speed enforcement ordinance last night in Tyrone Borough. Here, she spoke, urging others to share her passion to “protect these kids.”

Last evening, Tyrone Borough Council unanimously passed the ordinance allowing Tyrone Police to begin speed and parking enforcement, including ticketing, along Clay Avenue and Hospital Drive during school hours. Area schools are closed today, however, due to the winter storm.

The vote finally completes the necessary approvals for enforcement to begin, as Snyder Township supervisors last week also unanimously approved the new ordinance. The Tyrone Area School District is no longer part of the agreement, so all necessary approvals have now been obtained in order for Tyrone Police to move forward.

Last night’s vote was met with applause by former crossing guard Michele Miller, who has been attending the municipality meetings, sharing her concerns for safety for the students and pressing for something to be done.

During the miscellaneous discussion at the end of the meeting, council member Terry Richardson implored fellow council members to take on the cause with him to encourage more crossing guards at bus stops within the school district. Richardson said that while he knows that the school district rests in Snyder Township, he is asking because of the welfare of the children in the Borough.

Richardson said that there should be a crossing guard at 15th Street and Clay Ave. and at other busy areas in the Borough, for the safety of the students. He said that he recently observed a driver who went around a school bus stopped with its lights on at one of the bus stops in town.

“Somebody’s going to get hurt or killed on these crossings,” Richardson said.

Concerned parents have often reported drivers speeding past buses and ignoring the flashing lights on Washington Ave. In one instance, it was reportedly a log truck that sped past, ignoring the bus.

An unnamed concerned resident at last night’s meeting suggested that the speed limit on Clay Ave. should be lowered. However, borough manager Ardean Latchford said that a speed study had shown that lowering the speed would make traffic congested, and might make the situation worse. Latchford said that he doesn’t necessarily agree with the study results, but that was the result, nonetheless.

Richardson plans to attend an upcoming school board meeting to express his concerns and urged other council members to accompany him, to go as a group to address the school board.

Miller also spoke, saying, “I started this movement to try and help the kids not get hit going to school. I don’t have kids. I don’t even live in the Borough.”

“Everybody just sits and waits for somebody else to do something,” Miller continued. “When is it going to be enough?”

The next Tyrone School Board meeting is scheduled for this evening at 7 p.m. for the regular session.

Julie White can be reached at jwhite@thedailyherald.net.


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