William Wiser III

William Wiser III directs traffic Thursday morning at the entrance to the Tyrone Area Middle/High School. School district personnel are working to make these intersections safer for all along Clay Ave.

Representing the Tyrone Area School District, Tom Muir last evening visited the public meeting of Snyder Township supervisors. Muir asked supervisors if there was anything needed to obtain permission to install radar speed signs at two locations along Clay Avenue, similar to those in Tyrone Borough. The signs will be placed on the other side of the street from the school in the highway right-of-way.

Although there are flashing lights on either side of the school zone, many drivers continue to disregard the lights or come out of different entrances at the school and forget that they are in that zone, driving at unsafe speeds while buses are transporting children into and out of school.

The signs will be placed on each side of Clay Ave., Muir said, approximately 200 feet away from where the crossing guards stand. Motorists will be able to see the signs from about 100 feet away, giving them an additional 200 feet then to slow down.

“It’s another layer of safety for crossing guards, students, parents and anyone else who travels through there,” Muir said.

This morning, a Tyrone Police officer was parked along Clay observing traffic as they passed crossing guard William Wiser III at the high school entrance. Despite the fact that there are guards in bright/lit vests and school zone signs, some motorists continue to disregard all warnings. The speed signs will show how fast drivers are going, and, if they are like those in the Borough, could also record when drivers are speeding through the area.

Snyder Twp. supervisor Jim Burket said, “We’d be 110 percent supportive of that.”

Burket said that the only thing required from the Township is a draft from the solicitor, saying that the Township won’t be responsible for the signs should they be damaged.

Muir said that the school will also obtain permission from PennDOT before moving forward. “PennDOT is fairly cooperative. I don’t foresee any issues.”

Julie White can be reached at jwhite@thedailyherald.net.

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