School board members held their monthly regular session on Tuesday evening with over 25 students in attendance, a number of which received a special recognition for their above average scores on this year’s SAT exams.

Board member Mollie Bakhsheshe, representing the public and student relations committee, and high school Principal Thomas Yoder introduced the students who scored a 1290 or higher on the SAT exam that took place a few weeks back. The students recognized received a celebratory keychain from Yoder, as well as an applause from the fully attended school board. The students recognized included Lizatia Emile Are, Braydon Scott Brower, Hannah Elizabeth Gampe, Kristen Alisa Johnson, Zachary John Kohler, James Alexander Lewis, Sara Jean Meyer, Wyatt Gage Miles, Corbin Wade Moon, Seth David Parker, Andrew James Pearson, Mya Lynn Romano, Sydney Elizabeth Shaw, Jacob Irvin Svidergol, and Ethan Lee White.

Hannah Gampe, a student representative to the school board, was also recognized on Tuesday evening by board president, James Crawford, who gave Gampe a framed certificate of appreciation. For the last two years, Gampe has given the board the ideas and perspectives from the student body and, due to graduation taking place one week before the next meeting, this was her last official report to the school board. “Serving on the school board for the passed two years has been a great honor and privilege. Our school board does a lot for our students, our community, teachers and staff, and to work along side of them, to see the process of running a school, has humbled me. I am all the more appreciative for everything the Tyrone School District does for their students.” When asked how this experience has helped prepare her for what lies ahead, Gampe quickly stated that “communication skills and fearlessly presenting the people’s concerns to those in a position of authority” were just a few of the benefits she received, offering her “eternal gratitude” for the opportunity.

Continuing to engage in 2019-20 school year preparations, the board opened the meeting to discuss who among board members should enter into the next school year as the board’s treasurer. Board member Randy Miles, one of the school board incumbent candidates in the upcoming election, served as treasurer during the previous school year and, by a motion from other board members, was nominated unanimously to continue in this role.

Upon receiving his nomination to continue as school board treasurer, Miles presented the board with the 2019-20 school year general fund budget that, after board approval, would be given a 20 day period for public inspection and review (according to state requirement). Receiving a unanimous vote, the district will soon be advertising their upcoming budget before potentially approving it on June’s regular session meeting.


David is a small business owner, elected councilman in the Borough of Tyrone, and a writer for the Tyrone Daily Herald. Along with his wife, Bailey, and their son, Grayson, David loves videography, photography, and creating the worst puns imaginable.


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