Class ring

This week, a class ring from Tyrone Area High School, year 1975, was returned to the family of its original owner, Becky Dickson Harlow. Pictured during the exchange are (left to right): Rita Dick, classmate; Joyce Alley, classmate; George Wolfe presenting ring to siblings Mark Dickson and Betsy Woomer; and Robin Dearing, classmate.

Recently, a local man who helps a friend clean out houses to renovate and rent, decided to look for the rightful owner of a class ring that he found years ago in one of the houses.

George Wolfe of Bald Eagle came across a Tyrone Area High School class ring engraved with “Becky 1975.” He said he can’t recall now exactly where he found it as he was in and out of different houses and properties, and held onto it for some time. But, he stopped into the Herald office and spoke to Joyce Alley at the front desk to place an ad in the paper to find the owner.

When Alley looked at the class ring, she discovered it belonged to a classmate of hers, Becky Dickson Harlow, who passed away in 1993. She then contacted classmate Rita Dick about the ring. Dick said that she did not know the family, so she in turn contacted classmate Robin Dearing who knew their classmate’s family.

Dearing was able to get in contact with Harlow’s brother, Mark Dickson, and she explained the story of his sister’s class ring being found. He and his sister, Betsy Woomer, agreed that they would like to receive the class ring back into the family. No one is sure how the ring ended up in a house in Tyrone, as Harlow lived in Sinking Valley, but the family is happy to have the keepsake.

A gathering was held at the Herald office on Thursday for Wolfe to present the ring to the family. They were grateful to Wolfe and their sister’s classmates for reaching out.

“One more reason why we love this little town of Tyrone!” said Dearing.

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