The Tyrone School Board met on Monday evening with multiple financial and human resources considerations lined up for discussion. Before diving into the evening’s business, however, the board was given an update on the second annual Career Expo that took place last Friday from High School Principal Tom Yoder.

Yoder kicked off his Expo update by saying “the format, which is a conference format, where there is a keynote speaker, breakout sessions, and an exhibition room, really gives the students an opportunity to see what a conference might be like, and this year we had 41 or 42 vendors, which is more than we ever had.”

Brent McNeel (grade 12) and Lucia Isenberg (grade 11), student representatives to the board, also gave reports on this year’s expo, with McNeel focusing on the uniqueness of the expo overall. “Not a lot of school districts, and I don’t think any district [in our area], has anything like our Career Expo, so it’s a very good resource for students to have.”

Interim superintendent Leslie Estep, upon the conclusion of the report, stated that “on behalf of the district, I would like to thank Rose Black (fellow board member) and the Tyrone Area Chamber of Commerce for really partnering with us. We really, really appreciate the back and forth of ideas between the district and the chamber.”

Black thanked the board and welcomed any further suggestions from district administration, teachers, or students on how to make next year’s expo even better. “We’re still open for suggestions on keynote speakers and topics [for breakout sessions] for the kids.”

Black also mentioned that John Russell, CEO of EMG Brands in downtown Tyrone, “was very instrumental in setting this up. It was John’s idea to set the Career Expo up [as a conference] last year and we followed suit this year.”

Moving into the financial operations committee report, board member Randy Miles requested that the board approve a service contract and school subscription fee for the Juniata College Science in Motion Program. With the fee coming in at $6,323 for the 2019-2020 school year, Miles pointed out that this fee was actually a decrease from the previous school year’s fee, saving the district a total of $406. Additionally Miles also requested board approval for the Paraeducator Suite through Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 for online professional development training for district paraprofessionals. This software package ran a total of $50 per user. All measures proposed were adopted by an unanimous vote.

The human resources committee, chaired by board member William Hartsock, submitted a number of new hires for approval, as well as a few resignations. Deborah McKeehan, a daycare paraprofessional, and Charles Aungst, a paraprofessional, both submitted their resignations to the committee. The new hires submitted for approval included the following: Julia Fasciano, elementary paraprofessional, five days per week, six hours per day at $9.40 per hour (effective October 8); Benjamin Fink, school-to-work custodian, five days per week at $7.75 per hour (effective September 3); Brittney Minnich, elementary paraprofessional, five days per week, six hours per day at $9.40 per hour (effective October 8); and Jazmin Fink, daycare paraprofessional, 20 hours per week at $9.40 per hour (effective October 8). Hartsock also submitted for approval the hire of 12 high school students for the High School Cafe, all working a maximum of 15 hours per week at $7.25 per hour (effective October 8).


David is a small business owner, elected councilman in the Borough of Tyrone, and a writer for the Tyrone Daily Herald. Along with his wife, Bailey, and their son, Grayson, David loves videography, photography, and creating the worst puns imaginable.


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