The Tyrone School Board held a reorganizational meeting on Monday evening where newly-elected board member Jeff Long, as well as the incumbents who won reelection (William Lash, James Raabe, Randy Miles, and Mollie Bakhsheshe) took their oath of office and officially began their new four-year term.

Pennsylvania State Senator Judy Ward and Representative Jim Gregory were also in attendance, as the current board president and 36-year veteran to the Tyrone school board, James Crawford, received two official citations from both Pennsylvania houses for his many years of voluntary service to the Tyrone District.

While presenting the PA Senate’s citation, Ward complimented the exiting president by saying, “Jim always came to our meetings prepared, having done his homework and asking detailed, well-informed questions.” Gregory commented that Crawford leaving “reminds me of Jerome Bettis — you are going out on top of your game.” Acknowledging Crawford’s hard work and dedication, Gregory jokingly said, “I served on the school board in Hollidaysburg, and then I decided to get an easier job, so I went into the state legislature.”

The school board also joined in acknowledging Crawford’s tenure with an official citation, celebrating his “contributions and exemplary service to our community,” to which everyone in attendance offered an applause.

As is customary for the board’s annual reorganizational meeting, a temporary president was appointed for the nomination process for the board president and vice president positions. Board member David Fusco was nominated to preside and opened the floor for nominations. Board members William Lash and Rose Black were nominated for the position of board president with Black winning by a 6 to 2 vote while Lash received an unopposed nomination for vice president. Both Black (president) and Lash (vice president) assumed their new roles.

Regarding other open positions, board member Brian Bressler received an unopposed nomination as the Tyrone school board’s representative to the Pennsylvania School Board Association (PSBA). Bressler held the same position during the previous year. The employee relations committee, normally chaired by Black, was also opened for new nominations, for which Fusco was appointed by an unopposed nomination. Board members Miles and Bakhsheshe were also nominated but declined the position.

Monday evening, the board also received reports from the human resources committee and the student activities committee in regards to new hires and resignations.

The following resignations were accepted by the board: Stephen Johnson, assistant track and field coach (effective November 20); Nikolas Christine, assistant track and field coach (effective November 28); Alex Bartlett, assistant junior high girls’ basketball coach (effective December 3); Susan Delbaggio, assistant swimming coach (effective November 15); and Renee Jamison, first grade level chairperson (effective December 12). The new hires approved by the board include Michele Marasco, homecoming co-advisor, for a stipend of $376.37 (effective December 3); Jon Wallace, assistant junior high wrestling coach, for a stipend of $1,000 (effective December 3); James Pfahler, school-to-work custodian, (effective December 3); and Faith Ruiz (grade 9) and Jack Wagner (grade 11), high school cafe student workers, maximum of 15 hours per week at $7.25 per hour (effective December 3).

Upon the closing of the meeting, the board announced that they were meeting in an executive session after the meeting to discuss personnel.

David is a small business owner, elected councilman in the Borough of Tyrone, and a writer for the Tyrone Daily Herald. Along with his wife, Bailey, and their son, Grayson, David loves videography, photography, and creating the worst puns imaginable.


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