Tyrone sandwich and six pack shop

The Tyrone Sandwich and Six Pack Shop hosted a beer tasting to celebrate the launch of a new beer from Stone Brewing.

The Tyrone Sandwich & Six Pack Shop, held a beer tasting that was free to the public on May 16 at 6 p.m. According to Julia Wilt, the owner of the shop, the dual purpose of these events is to let the people try samples of awesome new beer and to give the community a bit of attention. Wilt told The Daily Herald, “These events are very good for our business and the community. People flow in for the tasting and, at the same time, learn about the town.”

She explained that the public response has been great. Over the last decade, the popularity of craft beer has expanded and there has been a demand for more local options. New local businesses have appeared to meet the demand, and Tyrone Sandwich & Six Pack Shop has evolved to meet this new demand. They offer a large variety beer, games, and food, as well as a dining area for customers to enjoy events such as this tasting.

Wilt took over ownership of Tyrone Sandwich & Six Pack Shop at the end of 2017 and has been working with her husband, Eric Wilt, to make improvements ever since. While talking with The Daily Herald about the event, she maintained, “We’re the Tyrone Sandwich & Six Pack Shop and we feel that we have the best food and the best beer in the area, period.”

Andrew Smith, a local employee of Vitro in Tipton, agreed that their food is one of the biggest draws that the shop offers, “Everyone loves their burgers. We usually place a big order and someone to pick them up on our break.”

The tasting itself was for a new beer from Stone Brewing. The event was sponsored by Pletcher’s Beer Distributor out of State College and was designed to promote Stone’s Revengeful Spirit, imperial IPA, that was released in April of this year, and their Fear.Movie.Lions double IPA. With new beers released every month, the Tyrone Sandwich & Six Pack Shop is planning more events like this. According to Wilt, “We try and have these events monthly.”

In addition to the beer on display, the Tyrone Sandwich & Six Pack Shop has recently added alcoholic slushies and gelati to their menu and plan to continue the additions. According to Wilt, “It’s a great time to be in the beer business.”

In addition to providing information about her shop and the event, Wilt expressed her gratitude towards the community that has helped her business flourish, “The community has been tremendous and very supportive.”

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